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SURPRISE! Farrah Abraham Became a Stripper

This is something we never saw coming: Farrah Abraham became a stripper, ya’ll!

The 23-year-old reality star turned porn star turned erotic novel writer is now turning on the pole in what she describes as “job shadowing” to “help her future.”…

By: Kendall Fisher / August 13, 2014

Farrah Abraham Got Gross at the Red Carpet Release of her Official (And Graphically Lifelike) Sex Toys

Even though she claims she isn’t a porn star and seems to hate admitting how much she relies on the adult entertainment industry, Farrah Abraham has officially released her very own line of adult toys. And before you ask, they’re as gross as you can imagine.

You’ve been warned.

By: Jason Marshall / July 12, 2014

Farrah Abraham Wants This Sexy Celeb to Play Her Erotic Novel’s Lead Character in a Movie

Just when you thought Farrah Abraham’s done it all — from pregnant teen, reality TV, porn star, pop star, sex toy model, and New York Times bestseller — well, she’s full of surprises.

The 22-year-old mom wants to give us all more Backdoor inspiration, only this time it’s semi-fictional and you won’t actually see her backdoor.

By: Andrea Simpson / April 3, 2014

EXCLUSIVE PICS: Farrah Abraham Goes Nearly-Nude Using Whips and Handcuffs for Her Erotic Novel Photo Shoot

Sure, some people have called Farrah Abrahamdumb,” “stupid” and downright “clueless.” But they’re obviously not taking into account that she’s got her alphabet down, especially when it comes to her DDs and BBs (boobs and butt, people).

And she’s getting a little help exposing her best angles in and out of the bedroom…

By: Andrea Simpson / April 2, 2014

Farrah Abraham Will Write A Trilogy of Erotic Novels

Because she’s nothing if not desperate adventurous, “Backdoor Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham has just inked a deal to write three erotic novels. The 22-year-old Couples Therapy star will pen three steamy books for publishing house Ellora’s Cave and the first book cover was released today.

By: Barbara DeFranco / April 1, 2014

Yep, Farrah Abraham’s Father Is Also Writing a Book

This is happening.

Farrah Abraham’s father is jumping on the book bandwagon and hoping to ride his daughter’s porn star coattails into bestselling history.

Somehow he thinks a lot of people care about what he has to say, but only time will tell if the exposé will sell.

By: Andrea Simpson / March 18, 2014

Vivid’s Steve Hirsch Calls Farrah Abraham a “Fraud”

No one is more pissed off about Farrah Abraham biting the hand that feeds her than Steve Hirsch, head of Vivid.  The same Vivid that funded and released Abraham’s sex tape with her “boyfriend,” James Deen.

Hirsch suggested Abraham take a polygraph test, offering to pay her $1 million if that test show…

By: Kelly Lynch / February 20, 2014

WTF! Farrah Abraham Offered $1 Million IF She Passes a Lie Detector Test

The porn industry that has made Farrah Abraham a sex tape legend is now calling BS on her latest rape revelation.

The former Teen Mom should actually be applauded for bravely speaking out about her alleged abuse, however, adult film king Vivid Entertainment doesn’t seem to be buying it, so it’s willing to fork…

By: Andrea Simpson / February 14, 2014

EXCLUSIVE PICS: Behind-the-Scenes With Farrah Abraham in ‘Farrah 2: Backdoor and More’

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more that Farrah Abraham could exploit and expose…

Surprise! You’re wrong. She’s got plenty more body parts and bendy positions she’s been perfecting when she’s not making molds of her girly bits, getting new lips, and trolling for fake boyfriends.

Yep, it’s

By: Andrea Simpson / February 14, 2014

No More ‘Backdoor’! Farrah Abraham Vows to Become a Virgin… or a Nun

Sorry, guys. Farrah Abraham has given up on the back door… and the front door, for that matter.

The Teen Mom who took it all off for $10,000 is tired of feeling used by the porn industry who graciously let her extend her 15 minutes with the cinematic masterpiece Farrah 2: Backdoor and

By: Andrea Simpson / February 12, 2014

This Is How James Deen Really Feels About Putting the ‘More’ in ‘Backdoor Teen Mom’

It’s just what you’ve all been waiting for. 

James Deen is giving us an inside look at Farrah Abraham’s back door… and so much more.

And he just can’t hold back his excitement, that is, for when the door is finally shut on Farrah’s private parts for good.

By: Andrea Simpson / February 7, 2014

Farrah Abraham’s Dad Will Only Talk About Daughter’s Plastic Vagina Toys For Cash

In the wake of the sex tape she filmed with actor James Deen, Farrah Abraham is directing her business-minded prowess toward a new venture: sex toys. Like a plague of locusts, The Backdoor star is set to release the toy molds of her frontdoor in January 2014.

We reached out to Michael Abraham, Farrah’s dad, for…

By: Andrea Simpson / September 24, 2013

Go Inside ‘Backdoor Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s New Texas Backyard

It looks like moving in to that $3 million California mansion didn’t quite work out.

Farrah Abraham is taking her supposed seven-figure payday and paychecks from all those questionably-dressed red carpet appearances (and hocking of random products) in the her quest for fame by moving into a humble apartment complex in Bee Hive, Texas. And if…

By: Andrea Simpson / September 16, 2013

Farrah Abraham’s Sex Tape Partner Is NOT Getting Off To ‘Backdoor Teen Mom’

Sorry to break it to you, Farrah. But there’s at least one person who’s definitely NOT touching himself when he’s watching himself (or you, for that matter.)

Unlike the Backdoor Teen Mom, her sex tape co-star James Deen hasn’t been going… um, down there… to their latest and greatest on-screen hit.

By: Andrea Simpson / June 13, 2013

Farrah Abraham Ticks Off Justin Bieber’s Neighbors

Farrah Abraham isn’t feeling the neighborly love in Justin Bieber’s ‘hood.

The owners of the mansion in the Biebs’ upscale Calabasas, CA nabe where the Backdoor Teen Mom was snapped browsing a $3.3 million property last week are none too pleased that she traipsed through their home and took photos of their private property,…

By: Andrea Simpson / May 22, 2013

Farrah Abraham’s ‘Backdoor’ Bikini is Too Dirty for eBay

It’s a sad day for perverts everywhere as the bikini worn by Farrah Abraham during her sex tape is no longer available on eBay. Citing “health and hygiene concerns,” eBay has pulled down the listing for the crystal-encrusted two piece which Abraham wears in her porn tape, as well as during some totally not staged

By: Robert Kessler / May 20, 2013

Farrah Abraham’s Sex Tape Partner Is Furious Over Pregnancy ‘Publicity Stunt’

Hell hath no fury like a porn star scorned by prego talk. Porn star James Deen, who co-starred with Farrah Abraham in Backdoor Teen Mom, is fed up with her melodrama and thinks she’s being an awful human being thanks to her latest snit.

“To say you’re potentially pregnant is not something to…

By: Andrea Simpson / May 14, 2013

‘I’m, Like, Sad Sometimes’: Farrah Abraham Talks About Why She Made a Sex Tape

Farrah Abraham continues to try to convince us her porn tape is actually a private sex tape that got leaked. Her latest stop on her tour to promote something she claims to be embarrassed about is Entertainment Tonight where she proves that, as a former reality star, she has a tenuous grasp on reality.


By: Robert Kessler / May 9, 2013

Farrah Abraham: ‘Back Door Teen Mom’ Sex Tape Features Front Door, Too

Like a fart in church, Farrah Abraham’s sex tape cannot be ignored.

Scenes from the video which the Teen Mom star totally never, ever intended for anyone to see — except after Vivid Entertainment paid her $1.5 million — have been released.

The five minute clip shows Farrah and her costar, por…

By: Robert Kessler / May 6, 2013