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Spots To Drop The Big Bucks On Dessert

Everyone gets a sweet tooth, even celebrities—though they're more likely to spend $1,000 on a chocolate sundae made with 23-karat gold or travel to the summit of Africa's highest peak for hand-churned glacial ice-cream. Yeah, stars take their dessert pretty seriously.
By: Danielle Jacoby / February 28, 2014

‘Avengers’ Star Chris Evans, Chanel Iman Get Their Game On: Beyond the Velvet Rope (PHOTOS)

Ever wanted to get up close and personal with Avengers hottie Chris Evans or supermodel Chanel Iman? You can -- and the two teamed up in Hollywood this week to explain how. That got your attention, didn't it? Meanwhile, a slew of stars sampled the offerings at the New York City Wine & Food…
By: Lance Debler / October 19, 2012

Celeb Chef Bobby Flay: How-to Build the Ultimate Ruben Sammy (VIDEO)

Heads up, foodies! Celebrity chef  Bobby Flay is on hand to help you answer the age old question: What's everybody doing for lunch?  The Food Network star actually researched the "perfect" sandwich by teaming up with Hellmann's to conduct a nation-wide taste maker's poll. How its made is just important as what's its made with,…
By: Wes Ferguson / April 19, 2011