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Prince Harry Discusses Receiving Psychological Testing After Serving in Afghanistan

Prince Harry is opening up about his time in British Army.

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Kate Middleton Advocates for Children’s Mental Health in Touching New Blog Post

Yas queen! (Capital Yas, lowercase ‘Q’.)

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WATCH: Kate Middleton Rocks out on the Drums with Children at Mental Facility Christmas Party

This will make your heart grow three times its size.

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Long Live Queen Elizabeth II, For She Is Not Dead

One BBC reporter redefined “royal mistake” when she accidentally killed Queen Elizabeth II on Twitter.

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Prince Harry’s Nude Photos Plus 24 More British Royal Family Scandals (GALLERY)

As Prince Harry’s still-unfolding nude photo debacle reminds us, no one does scandal quite like the British royals. The clash between the stiff-upper-lip stoicism that duty requires of them and the human foibles they try to keep hidden — with the added frissons of worldwide fame and unimaginable wealth — always make for irresistible gossip.

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