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Busta Rhymes Gym Assault Arrest

This past Wednesday night, rapper and actor Busta Rhymes apparently added assault to his rap sheet when he was busted for allegedly throwing a cardboard container of a protein drink at a gym worker.

Lisa Timmons | August 6, 2015 - 4:57 am

Here’s Your Chance to Go Beyond the Velvet Rope

Been wondering how Katie Holmes will celebrate Valentine’s Day now that she gnawed through the chains known as Tom Cruise? Celebuzz spotted her in NYC this week and got the answer.

We also found out how Nick Cannon keeps Mariah Carey happy – and it isn’t by giving her a new Hello Kitty…

Lance Debler | February 9, 2013 - 7:00 am

Eddie Murphy Wants to Party All the Time

Flush with newfound personal freedom and a resurrected acting career, Eddie Murphy is letting the good times roll, reports the New York Post. A source tells the paper that Murphy’s Beverly Hills’ bachelor pad has been party central as of late, complete with high-profile guests and, um, bowling. “Eddie has taken the after-hours party up…

Betsy Waldman | November 10, 2008 - 10:09 am