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BUZZINGS: Links From Our Friends & Family

Gossip Girl  turned hard rocker Taylor Momsen reveals her secret talent! [Buzznet]

Watch an amazing LEGO version of LCD Soundsystem’s “All My Friends” music video. [Stereogum]

Break out the tissues – is this the saddest movie scene of all time? [Videogum]

Keep the love alive!


BUZZINGS: Links From Our Friends & Family

• The final Harry Potter film comes out tonight at midnight, but star Emma Watson already has future, racier projects in mind. [Socialite Life]

• A match made in crazy hat heaven? Check out Lady Gaga’s next endeavor. [Idolator]

Lindsay Lohan says she wanted which Oscar-winning role? [The Frisky]


BUZZINGS: Links From Our Friends & Family

Australia is gaga for Lady Gaga! Sydney citizens give the superstar honorary citizenship. [Idolator]

Are you a daredevil? Check out footage of the world’s steepest rollercoaster. [Videogum]

Relive your days on the playground – here’s a list of names celebrities used to be teased with when they were…


BUZZINGS: Links From Our Friends & Family

• LISTEN: Beyonce’s “Best Thing I Never Had” dance remix. [Idolator]

• From the Awesome Files: Steven Segal headlines a charity concert in Russia. Yes, he performed in red-tinted glasses. [Videogum]

Joe Gorga from The Real Housewives of New Jersey dresses up in drag, again. [The Frisky]



BUZZINGS: Links From Our Friends & Family

• Are Emma Roberts and Chord Overstreet finding love on Notting Hill? Someone has been studying her aunt’s movies. [Buzznet]
• Outraged by the Casey Anthony trial’s outcome? Find out what a member of the jury has to say. [The Frisky]
• Is this really the perfect viral internet video? Watch and judge…


BUZZINGS: Links From Our Friends & Family

 England’s favorite little sister, Pippa Middleton, graces the colorful cover of Tatler! [Socialite Life]
What did you think of Sunday night’s episode of  True Blood? [Videogum]
Can’t get enough of British phenomenon Adele? Listen to 10 different covers of her hit song “Rolling in the Deep.” [The Frisky]
Check out pictures from…


BUZZINGS: Links From Our Friends & Family

• Is VH1’s newest reality show, Famous Food, the best reality show ever? [Videogum]

Tara Reid’s eight most embarrassing moments. [The Frisky]

• Find out what really relaxes Beyonce. Hint: It involves water! [Idolator]

• Are you hanging out with Barneys? Or giving haiku advice? Check out MTV’s…


BUZZINGS: Links From Our Friends & Family

Lindsay Lohan offers up some financial advice. [Videogum]

• Did To Catch a Predator host Chris Hansen cheat on his wife with a television reporter? [The Frisky]

Missy Elliott reveals secrets about her childhood in her new Behind the Music special. [Concrete Loop]

• Yay or Nay:…


BUZZINGS: Links From Our Friends & Family

Lady Gaga is already one of the most popular people on Twitter and now she is looking to take over Tumblr. [Idolator]

• A new feud for Shia LaBeouf: Who called him a “f*****g idiot”? [Videogum]

• Lenny Kravitz, star of the upcoming Hunger Games flick, sports a revolutionary new cell…


BUZZINGS: Links From Our Friends & Family

• Listen to Selena Gomez’s new album before it hits stores on Tuesday. [Idolator]

• Guess which beautiful Hollywood star is getting in on the planking trend. [Videogum]

• Was True Blood’s season premiere a big letdown? [The Frisky]

• Whoops! Chris Brown and Rihanna have a very awkward…


BUZZINGS: Links From Our Friends & Family

• Whoa! Keira Knightley gets really kinky in the trailer for A Dangerous Method. [Videogum]

• Why Julianne Moore won’t get plastic surgery. [The Frisky]

True Blood star Ryan Kwanten talks arm wrestling with Zac Efron. And the winner is… [Socialite Life]

• Raven Symone looks almost unrecognizable on the…

Celebuzz |

BUZZINGS: Links From Our Friends & Family

• Was Pottermore a big letdown? [Videogum]

• Find out what Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton call each other behind closed doors. [The Frisky]

• 22 of Amber Rose’s most provocative looks. [Socialite Life]

Jay-Z attempts to go incognito at the airport, fails. [Idolator]

• Check…


BUZZINGS: Links From Our Friends & Family

• What up with all those pop culture references in Britney Spears’ new video? [Idolator]

• Watch Tom Hanks dance up a storm (pun intended) while giving the weather report on a Spanish-language morning show. [Videogum]

• New music video: Enrique Iglesias teams up with Usher for “Dirty Dancer.” [ConcreteLoop]


BUZZings: Links From Our Friends & Family

• The evolution of Blake Lively. They grow up so fast! [Buzznet]

• Former New York Congressman Anthony Wiener offered a cameo on Entourage following nude photo scandal. [Videogum]

• The secret behind Jason Sudeikis’ acting skills? Chatroulette. [The Frisky]

• Check out Whitney Houston’s adorable baby photo. [Concrete


BUZZings: Links From Our Friends & Family

• How Tracy Morgan is making amends for his homophobic rant scandal. [Videogum]

• Listen to a previously unreleased track from Kanye West. [Concrete Loop]

• Watch Anna Wintour’s incredibly geeky five-word speech at the Webbys. [The Frisky]

• Flashback! A young Adam Levine does his best Bobby Brown

Celebuzz |

Gwyneth Paltrow to the Haters: You’re Just Jealous (BUZZINGS)

• Are you jealous of Gwyneth Paltrow? [Huffington Post]

• Legendary actor’s surprising brush with the law. [FOX News]

Rebecca Black placed under police protection after receiving vicious death threats. [Dlisted]

• Why is Beyonce so awesome? Short answer: Because she’s Beyonce. [MTV Buzzworthy]

• Watch…

Celebuzz |

Lady Gaga’s Latest Racy Nude Photo Shoot (BUZZINGS)

Lady Gaga is almost NSFW in sexy new photo shoot. [Dlisted]

• VIDEO: The Hangover for women? [Huffington Post]

• New couple alert? Rihanna and Usher spotted getting close backstage at Coachella. [Crunk & Disorderly]

• Was Diddy involved in a vicious club fight? [Young, Black & Fabulous]…


Was Lea Michele Rude to ‘Glee’ Fans at Coachella? (BUZZINGS)

• The Lea Michele diva rumors just never seem to die. [Dlisted]

• Controversial Teen Mom star files for divorce. [Huffington Post]

Rihanna shows some serious leg at Coachella. [Concrete Loop]

• What is Vanessa Hudgens eating in this photo? [Socialite Life]

• Celeb singer’s family…


Legendary Author Sensationally Disses ‘Glee’ (BUZZINGS)

• Guess the celeb who is hating on Glee. [Dlisted]

Gwyneth Paltrow hates her butt. [Huffington Post]

• Do you hate this actress because she’s beautiful? [Fox News]

Donald Trump claims he has a great relationship with “the blacks.” [The YBF]

• Find out how…


‘Dancing with the Stars’ Celeb Goes Naked for ‘Playboy’ (BUZZINGS)

• Check out Dancing with the Stars bombshell Karina Smirnoff’s sexy Playboy spread. [DListed]

• Is Justin Bieber’s trip to Israel cursed? [Socialite Life]

• Why Catherine Zeta-Jones checked into a mental hospital. [Fox News]

• Pregnant Mariah Carey poses naked with Nick Cannon for another magazine cover. [MTV

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