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Lindsay and Samantha Reject Calum Best-Laid Plans

Pretty much everyone was hoping to catch Samantha Ronson’s DJ set at London nightspot Chinawhite last night—including Lindsay Lohan’s former beau and cocaine aficionado Calum Best.
The Daily Mail reports that the nightclub was mobbed by hundreds of fans and photographers as Ronson’s set loomed. Among the throng was Best, 27, who was intent o…

Betsy Waldman / November 13, 2008

Lindsay Lohan: Rotten-Drunk at Apple Bash?

Now here’s a recipe for trouble:
Take one part Lindsay Lohan, one part Calum Best, and one part surly gay DJ. Add copious amounts of alcohol and mix vigorously.
Apple Lounge had its grand opening in West Hollywood Thursday night.
Of course Lindsay was there, along with constant companion, Samantha Ronson.  Also i…

Betsy Waldman / August 15, 2008

Just Their Luck: Top 10 Lindsay Lohan Hookups

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, Lindsay Lohan doesn’t have to sneak around with Samantha Ronson anymore. The couple was recently seen holding hands in public after their relationship was confirmed.
Observers haven’t seen LiLo this happy and head-over-heels in a long time. She may be getting ready to finally settle down. It&#8217…

Betsy Waldman / August 11, 2008

Will Lindsay Lohan Get Bested Again?

Lindsay Lohan can dispel those nagging lesbian rumors with one returned text message.
Britain’s Daily Mail reports that celeb spawn Calum Best is secretly texting the rehabitué, whom he volatilely dated in 2007.
“Calum can’t wait to see Linds—whenever they meet they always get it on,” says the paper’s source. “Lindsay couldn’t get enough…

Celebuzz / June 19, 2008