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Get To Know Your Celebrity Blabbermouth: Keith Hudson

If the name sounds familiar, his daughter "kissed a girl" and became an overnight singing sensation. Yep, it's Keith Hudson -- Katy Perry’s evangelical, leather-clad and bejeweled cross-loving pastor father who loves to fill his sermons with pleas to help save his daughter from the hellish depths of rock star damnation,…
By: Andrea Simpson / July 22, 2013

Get To Know Your Celebrity Blabbermouth: Renee Berry

Who? Renee Berry -- Halle Berry's estranged half-sister. They share the same father, Jerome Berry. Renee, 53, a contract coordinator for a food service company in Alabama, spoke to the Daily Mail in February 2011, claiming the pregnant Oscar-winning actress cut herself off from her four siblings. She then opened up to…
By: Andrea Simpson / July 15, 2013