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Celebrity Mailbag: Shay Mitchell Dishes on Steamy Scenes (VIDEO)

'Pretty Little Liars' star Shay Mitchell is back for another installment of Celebrity Mailbag! Shay teamed up with Celebuzz to answer your fan questions, now we're bringing you the responses -- this time with some helpful beauty tips and inside info on what a typical day in Shay's life is like! In this mailbag series,…

By: Liz Calvario / March 7, 2012

Celebrity Mailbag: Megan & Liz Talk Awkward Fan Moments! (VIDEO)

Celebuzz is back with our final Celebrity Mailbag with Megan & Liz. You asked, They Answered! In our final segment with the pop duo, the sisters discuss their recent original song venture and how they are thankful for the support of their fans overall.  "It's definitely made us realize how lucky we are. It'…

By: / March 2, 2012

Celebrity Mailbag: Ask Kimora Lee Simmons Anything!

Are you curious just how model and entrepreneur Kimora Lee Simmons manages to do all that she does? Well you're in luck! Celebuzz is giving you the opportunity to ask the multi-talented diva anything you'd like to know! Kimora is not only a reality TV star, designer, and mother.  She is a hugely successful busine…

By: / March 1, 2012

Celebrity Mailbag: Megan & Liz Reveal Their Hidden Talents! (VIDEO)

Celebuzz brings you the second installment of our Celebrity Mailbag with Megan & Liz  (see pt.1 here). In today's Q&A, the girls share their bucket list of singing collaborations, plus reveal their hidden talents!  See what the twin sisters had to say about their unconventional talents –- you'll be as surprised as we were!

By: / March 1, 2012

Celebrity Mailbag: Megan & Liz Dish on Dating & Finding Their Sound (VIDEO)

YouTube sensations Megan & Liz star in our latest and most anticipated edition of Celebrity Mailbag so far!  The talented duo spoke to Celebuzz about their dating lives, plus how they've polished their sound over the last few months for their first album -- which we cannot wait for! Watch the video to see what to expect from…

By: / February 29, 2012

Celebrity Mailbag: Victoria Tells Us About Her Sweet Tooth & Love for Dogs (VIDEO)

Capping off our six part segment of Celebrity Mailbag with Victoria Justice, Celebuzz brings you the last and final video interview with the young Nickelodeon star. Ever wanted to know what junk food Victoria craves and what candy obsession she's had for years? What about the most important questions of V-Just a cat or dog…

By: / February 17, 2012

Celebrity Mailbag: DeStorm Discusses His Motivation and Why He Loves NYC (VIDEO)

In the latest installment of our Celebrity Mailbag interviews with DeStorm, the YouTube sensation speaks candidly about his source of motivation in his music. The 2011 American Music Awards 'New Media Honoree', DeStorm reveals that his personal motto is to work as if there is nothing to lose. "If you go out and try to…

By: / February 17, 2012

Celebrity Mailbag: Victoria Justice Shares Her Celeb Crush & More (VIDEO)

Celebuzz brings you the latest edition of our Celebrity Mailbag with Victoria Justice, where she reveals her biggest celeb crush. And that would be none other than...Joseph Gordon Levitt! Well who can blame her in that regard? We agree, V-Just!

By: / February 16, 2012

Celebrity Mailbag: DeStorm on His Strict Upbringing & Most Embarrassing Moment! (VIDEO)

Celebuzz is back with part two of our DeStorm celebrity mailbag answers! YOU asked, he answered!  He’s one of YouTube’s biggest stars, boasting more than 1 million subscribers and  over 140 million video views.

By: Liz Calvario / February 16, 2012

Celebrity Mailbag: Victoria Justice Reveals All-Time Favorite Singer & More! (VIDEO)

Victoria Justice is back with another round of answers from the hundreds of fan-submitted questions! This time around, the Victorious star covers everything from her all-time favorite singers, and talks a bit about her taste in music, which you might find a bit surprising! So, what kind of tunes does the 18-year-old singer like to rock…

By: Amanda Hasaka / February 15, 2012

Celebrity Mailbag: DeStorm Tells Us His Secret to YouTube Success!

Time to tune in to another Celebrity Mailbag video response, this time with YouTube sensation DeStorm! We had you submit your questions for this rapper/comedian, now he's chosen his favorites to answer right here on Celebuzz. He's one of YouTube’s biggest stars, boasting more than 1 million subscribers and  over 140 million video views. Now he'…

By: Liz Calvario / February 15, 2012

Celebrity Mailbag: Christa B. Allen Dishes On Jennifer Garner, Josh Hutcherson & ‘Revenge’ Co-Stars (VIDEO)

If Christa B. Allen looks familiar to you, chances are you've seen her play a young Jennifer Garner in not one but two separate films. Christa first got her start playing Garner's teenage self in 13 Going On 30 and then again as the actress' high school persona in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Now, the…

By: Gabrielle Chung / February 14, 2012

Celebrity Mailbag: Find Out What Gets Victoria Justice All Choked Up! (VIDEO)

In Celebuzz's latest installment of Celebrity Mailbag with Victoria Justice, the young Nickelodeon star got a little teary-eyed when she answered a few of fan questions. When asked about her most memorable fan moment, V-Just got all choked up as she recalled her encounters with sick fans at the hospital. "When I do hospital visit…

By: Gabrielle Chung / February 14, 2012

Celebrity Mailbag: Victoria Justice Shows Off Her ‘Very Weird’ Hidden Talent (VIDEO)

Everyone knows that Victoria Justice can act and sing, but who knew she could also make her eyebrows dance?! That right, the Nickelodeon starlet can bust a move using just her brows! In her recent installment of Celebrity Mailbag with Celebuzz, Victoria showed us her secret talent by doing what she calls the "eyebrow wave."…

By: Gabrielle Chung / February 13, 2012

Celebrity Mailbag: Victoria Justice Talks New Music on ‘Victorious’ (VIDEO)

You asked, and Victoria Justice answered -- that's how Celebuzz's Celebrity Mailbag works! The Victorious star recently sat down to answer your most burning questions and dished on everything from her favorite fashion designers to her love of food. In this installment of in-depth interview, Victoria let slipped on a major musical project.

By: Gabrielle Chung / February 12, 2012

Celebrity Mailbag: Victoria Justice Talks ‘More Mature’ Movie Roles (VIDEO)

Victoria Justice is growing up right in front of our eyes! The Nickelodeon starlet may play a high school student on her popular series, Victorious, but she recently revealed to us that she's ready for more mature movie roles. On Celebuzz's latest installment of Celebrity Mailbag, the 18-year-old actress dished about her first Sundance experience…

By: Gabrielle Chung / February 11, 2012

Celebrity Mailbag: Harry Shum Jr. Talks ‘Glee’ & More! (VIDEO)

If you watch Glee, you know that Mike Chang is pretty quiet, but the actor who plays him is ready to dish! Harry Shum Jr. recently answered a few fan submitted questions just for Celebuzz's Celebrity Mailbag series, and you can watch what he has to say right here! So, what were some topics of conversation?

By: Amanda Hasaka / February 9, 2012

Celebrity Mailbag: Bella Thorne Explains Why She’s Nothing Like Miley Cyrus (VIDEO)

Bella Thorne may have a hit TV show on the Disney Channel, but she wants fans to know that she's nothing like her predecessors Miley Cyrus and Hilary Duff. The Shake It Up starlet recently stopped Celebuzz to answer fan questions and, when a fellow "Bellarina" wanted to know how she felt about filling i…

By: Gabrielle Chung / February 7, 2012

Celebrity Mailbag: Ask Ronnie Ortiz from ‘Jersey Shore’ Your Questions!

Jersey Shore's own Ronnie Ortiz will be taking a short break from his GTL routine, but only to answer our Celebrity Mailbag questions, of course!   Want to know what really goes on in the Jersey Shore house? Or what's in store for him and Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola for Season 5? Now's your chance to ask…

By: Celebuzz / February 1, 2012

Celebrity Mailbag: Ask Shay Mitchell a Question!

It's been a pretty good year for Pretty Little Liar's star Shay Mitchell. After the show became a hit straight off its debut in 2010, the leading ladies have been all over the place. Shay's fashion sense and gorgeous locks have led to many opportunities in the past year. Now Shay is gearing up to…

By: Liz Calvario / January 30, 2012
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