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Farrah Abraham: Will She Let Her Daughter Make a Sex Tape?

Farrah Abraham just recently released the first book of her erotic trilogy Celebrity Sex Tape In the Making, a novel she wrote as a form of "therapy" to help get through the challenges of her own leaked sex tape Backdoor Teen Mom. The 23-year-old Teen Mom star told me,…
By: Kendall Fisher / July 15, 2014

Farrah Abraham Wants This Sexy Celeb to Play Her Erotic Novel’s Lead Character in a Movie

Just when you thought Farrah Abraham’s done it all -- from pregnant teen, reality TV, porn star, pop star, sex toy model, and New York Times bestseller -- well, she's full of surprises. The 22-year-old mom wants to give us all more Backdoor inspiration,…
By: Andrea Simpson / April 3, 2014

EXCLUSIVE PICS: Farrah Abraham Goes Nearly-Nude Using Whips and Handcuffs for Her Erotic Novel Photo Shoot

Sure, some people have called Farrah Abraham "dumb," "stupid" and downright "clueless." But they're obviously not taking into account that she's got her alphabet down, especially when it comes to her DDs and BBs (boobs and butt, people). And she’s getting a little help exposing her best angle…
By: Andrea Simpson / April 2, 2014