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Hilary Duff Gets a Good Old Fashioned Rubdown in the Music Video for ‘Chasing the Sun’

Listen. Say what you want about Hilary Duff's comeback single "Chasing the Sun," but never say she didn't deliver the man candy in the music video.
By: Robert Kessler / July 29, 2014

Listen To Hilary Duff’s New Single Now

It's been a long time coming, but finally we've got some new music from Hilary Duff.
By: Robert Kessler / July 28, 2014

Hilary Duff’s Music Career is No Longer So Yesterday, Announces New Album

Ladies and gentleman and all diehard Lizzie McGuire fans... I'm ecstatic to announce that after a seven year hiatus, Hilary Duff is finally returning to the music industry. (Who thought her singing career was so yesterday anyway?!) The 26-year-old and her record label RCA announced that she's set to release a…
By: Kendall Fisher / July 23, 2014