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Kelly Osbourne Splits From Fiance Amid Cheating Scandal

It looks like another young Hollywood couple bites the dust.
Perez Hilton is reporting that Kelly Osbourne and her fiance Luke Worrall have called it quits after Kelly reportedly discovered that Luke was cheating on her. The two had been posting updates on their Facebook pages detailing their bitter split with Kelly writing, “Like…


Jesse James Says He Meant to Get Caught Cheating (VIDEO)

Jesse James is apparently more crafty than we thought. Sure, on the outside, it may seem that he foolishly ruined his marriage to Sandra Bullock by cheating on her with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee (among, reportedly, others). But according to the Monster Garage star, it was all part of a clever master plan to, um, destroy…

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David Boreanaz Also Playing on Tiger’s ‘Porn Star Hookup’ Tour?

A porn-star mistress: It’s the hot new accessory that no celebrity male can do without!
Apparently taking another page from Tiger Woods’ Big Book of Adultery, Bones star David Boreanaz—who admitted earlier this year that he had cheated on his wife, Jaime Bergman, while she was pregnant with his child—reportedly hooked up with porn…

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Rachel Uchitel Gropes for 16th Minute of Fame, Says David Boreanaz Really, Really Liked Her

For someone who doesn’t want to be considered a homewrecker, Rachel Uchitel sure is doing a lot of blabbing about the married men she’s slept with.
Uchitel—perhaps best-known as Tiger Woods’ alleged top mistress—has confirmed that she had a relationship with married Bones actor David Boreanaz, via a statement by her attorney, Gloria Allred.

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David Boreanaz’s Wife Oddly Still Upset About His Infidelity

Wow; you sleep with one other woman (okay, maybe two) while your wife is pregnant with your child, and she never lets you live it down.
Jaime Bergman, the wife of Bones actor David Boreanaz—who admitted earlier this week that he’d had at least one affair while Bergman was carrying their daughter last year—tells…

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How Many Times Did David Boreanaz Cheat on His Wife, Anyway?

Sounds like David Boreanaz came down with a bad case of Tiger Woods Syndrome. Yesterday the Bones star shocked the world by admitting that he had cheated on his wife, Jaime Bergman, claiming that he’d come clean because the other woman had been demanding money on him. As has also been reported, Boreanaz allegedly carried

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New Tiger Woods Mistress Says He Used Racial Jokes to Seduce Her

Oh, Tiger Woods, you silver-tongued devil.
Yet another virtuous young damsel has come forward to claim illicit sexual relations with the golf great, and of course because we don’t know nearly enough about Woods’ mating habits at this point, she is sharing her story with the media.
Exotic dancer Cori Rist appears in…

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Larry King’s Divorce Takes a Tawdry New Twist With Baseball-Coach Affair Rumors

Thought that Larry King’s split from wife #7, Shawn Southwick, was going to be just another standard-issue divorce for the celebrated talk-show host? Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.
Amid allegations from Southwick that King had been fooling around with her sister, Shannon Engemann (allegations that Engemann denies), it turns out that Southwick may have…

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Tiger Woods Might Have Literally Slept With the ‘Girl Next Door’

Couldn’t Tiger Woods have just sent a fruit basket if he wanted his neighbors to feel welcome?
A classy new twist has been added to the increasingly sordid but unfailingly amusing sex scandal that’s hovered over golf great Woods since November. Woods’ neighbor, 22-year-old Raychel Coudriet, claims that she and the linksman had a…

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Jesse James Manages to Silence Another Alleged Mistress

We already knew that Jesse James holds some kind of magical sway over women, but the ability to stop them from blabbing embarrassing personal information about him? Put that in a bottle, Jesse, and you’ll be a bazillionaire.
Photographer Brigitte Daguerre, who earlier this month claimed to have had a one-year relationship with Sandra

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At Least One Of Jesse James’ Other Women Respects Mistress Code of Keeping One’s Mouth Shut

Well, at least somebody’s displaying a modicum of class in this whole Jesse James debacle.
An unnamed woman who claimed last week that she, too, had engaged in sexual relations with Sandra Bullock’s husband will not be coming forward to tell her story. According to the anonymous adultery enabler’s lawyer, Gloria Allred (who also…

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Jesse James Allegedly Had Sex With His Mistress on the Queen Mary, Because That’s the Romantic Way to Cheat

Oh, good; Jesse Jamesalleged mistress, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, has friends, and much like herself, they enjoy blabbing intimate details to the media.
McGee’s pal and former roommate, Lindsay Sinai, has stepped forward to reveal her own juicy tidbits about the rumored affair between the tattoo model and Sandra Bullock’s husband, with the most…

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Sandra Bullock’s Husband Reportedly ‘Blind Sided’ Her With Another Woman

This year is turning out to have its ups and downs for Sandra Bullock. In Touch Weekly reports that Bullock’s husband, Monster Garage star Jesse James, has been cheating on the recent Oscar winner with a model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, who certainly lives up to her nickname in the explosive interview she’s granted to the…

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Tiger Woods and His Ladies Are Pure Class

Are y’all ready for a lesson in elegance? We hope so, because Tiger Woods and his army of alleged paramours are spreading it all over the Internet today. The first case study in classiness comes from cocktail waitress and Tool Academy alum Jaimee Grubbs, who solidifies her place in the Miss Manners Hall of Fame…

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Josh Brolin: Stepping Out on Diane Lane?

Sounds like there might be trouble in the four-year union between Josh Brolin and Diane Lane.
In Touch Weekly reports that Milk actor Brolin—currently in New Orleans filming the comic-book movie adaptation Jonah Hex—has been spending a perhaps-inappropriate amount of quality time with local woman Melissa Green while he’s in the Big Easy.

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Ashley Tisdale

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LeAnn Rimes Admits to ‘Difficult Times’

LeAnn Rimes has updated her official Web site in response to reports of an alleged affair between herself and actor Eddie Cibrian.”This is a difficult time for me and my loved ones, but I appreciate all your continued support. I would like to assure all of you that this is a place for you to…

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Is John Mayer Kissing Up to Another Woman?

Jennifer Aniston is currently starring opposite a loveable pooch in the box office smash Marley & Me, but it’s her real-life boyfriend who just might wind up the doghouse.
Aniston, 39, reunited with John Mayer in October after the pair intially broke things off last August. They’d been dating for throughout the summer.

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Did Tony Romo Cheat on Jessica Simpson?

It sounds like Jessica Simpson may have made yet another unfortunate relationship choice.
Star magazine reports that the 28-year-old singer/actress’ boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, cheated on her earlier this month while she was out of town. The supposed deal went down on January 16, shortly after Simpson departed from Burbank airport.

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Meg Ryan’s Cryin’ Shame

Meg Ryan divulges the rocky circumstances of her marriage to Dennis Quaid in the latest issue of In Style magazine.  “Dennis was not faithful to me for a long time, and that was very painful,” the 46-year-old actress admits, adding, “I am not a victim. I was there. I was in that marriage for a…

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