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Allison Williams as Catherine Deneuve, Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly: Style Icons and the Stars that Play Them (PHOTOS)

We've all dreamed of taking a walk in our style icon's glamorous shoes. And who hasn't channeled their fashion idol before, or borrowed a note from their style book? But, outside of Halloween, few of us get to dress the part, head to toe. So its no surprise that stylish stars like…
By: Kristin Koch / December 12, 2012

Victoria Beckham Poses for Karl Lagerfeld in French ‘Elle’ (PHOTOS)

The fashion world must be bursting at the seams. Karl Lagerfeld has just unveiled a series of Victoria Beckham photos he shot for French Elle -- and the former Spice Girl isn't just posing in any regular old room. The photo spread shows the 38-year-old Beckham -- and her gorgeous gams --…
By: Peggy Truong / October 17, 2012