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Did Justin Bieber Compare Himself to God? 

The Biebz caused a firestorm with a recent post, here’s what it said…

Scott Baumgartner |

Mug-Lover Demi Lovato Weighs in on Starbucks Holiday Cup Controversy

Demi Lovato’s Confident may be tumbling down the charts, but her thoughts on cups and mugs and all things meant to hold beverages continue to soar.

Matt Russoniello |

Justin Bieber is Finally Becoming a Man

From a DUI to multiple run-ins with the law, outrageous behavior (like peeing in buckets) and several douchey moves, Justin Bieber has certainly racked up enough reasons for the world to criticize him… But is it possible for him to change his ways and thus change the public’s view?

His manager Scooter Braun

Kendall Fisher |

Justin Bieber is on a Religious Mission, Exiled Himself From All Bad Things

Looks like Justin Bieber is really trying to turn his life around…

The 20-year-old singer is on a self-proclaimed religious mission to learn how to spread the word of God.  According to TMZ,
he’s currently hidden away in Rancho Mirage (just outside of Palm Springs) where he’ll spend two weeks with Pastor

Kendall Fisher |

Miley Cyrus Causes Outrage with Pig’s Pedicure

Miley Cyrus gave her four-legged friend a pampering with a fresh mani-pedi, stirring up controversy in the process.

Though it probably came from a place of love, many of her fans are really upset for compelling adopted piggy Bubba Sue to bright red nail polish, saying it’s not cute, and in fact animal…

Kaitlyn Laurie |

Rita Ora Claims Her Twitter Was Hacked Following ‘Retweetgate,’ But It Doesn’t Matter ‘Cuz Her Followers Are Fake

We were rooting for you, Rita! We were all rooting for you! (Well, someone was, anyway.)

Rita Ora continued to dig herself deeper into the social media muck as she confronted reports that she publicly face-planted on Twitter. Last week, Ora tweeted that she would release a new single if she got 100,000…

Matt Russoniello |

Miley Cyrus Wore the Worst Terry Richardson T-Shirt

Oh, Miley Cyrus. You and your ways.

Last month, the always-steeped-in-controversy “Wrecking Ball” singer apparently posted a photo of herself wearing a rather inappropriate t-shirt featuring renowned creep-bag (and frequent collaborator of Cyrus’) Terry Richardson.

Matt Russoniello |

Beyoncé Got Caught Photoshopping Her Thighs Again

Pretty hurts, and no one knows that better than Beyoncé.

The “Partition” singer is accused, yet again, of photoshopping her own photos before sharing them with fans.

Matt Russoniello |

Justin Bieber May Have Smuggled Some Criminals Into Canada

Even Canada isn’t too thrilled with Justin Bieber.

A Canadian border official has been fired after allegedly accepting a bribe from Biebs’ entourage to smuggle his friends into the country. According to Toronto publication Now Magazine, two Canada Border Services Agency officers have stepped forward to claim that a chief at the Niagara…

Gabrielle Chung |

Some People Are Saying Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ Video Is Racist

Throughout her decade-long career, Taylor Swift has done an impressive job at avoiding controversy, at least when it comes to her music. (Her romantic life is another story.)

But yesterday, Swift released a new song and video for “Shake It Off,” the first taken from her new album 1989, and some…

Matt Russoniello |

A Look Back at Justin Bieber’s Douchiest Moments

Oh, Justin Bieber. At one point, you were the talented kid from Youtube that sang “Baby” in the middle of a bowling alley. Now, you’re more known for being a pot-smoking brat who blatantly disrespects other people’s time and property.

With his recent stunt involving Orlando Bloom, where the pop singer and The Hobbit

Patricia Silva |

Paula Deen’s Ex-Husband Comes To Her Defense

We’re pretty sure Paula Deen would rather forget the last few days ever happened; She’s quickly fallen off her pedestal after shockingly admitting to using the N-word and subsequently has been fired from The Food Network.

In the wake of the racism controversy (and the release of a video begging the American public for forgiveness)…

Andrea Simpson |

HLN Host Weighs In on M.I.A.’s Super Bowl Stunt: ‘She Was Stealing the Spotlight’ (VIDEO)

Award-winning television journalist and bestselling author, Jane Velez-Mitchell answers all of Celebuzz reader’s controversial questions on the hottest celebrity news, including the most recent buzz surrounding the Super Bowl halftime show.

Jane talks M.I.A.’s middle-finger move while performing, and why celebs use that kind of behavior for attention. “I didn’t know who MIA…


‘GQ’ Promises More Steamy ‘Glee’ Fun

Opinions may be split on GQ’s recent super-racy photo shoot with Glee stars Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Dianna Agron, but the magazine itself seems to be happy with the results.
Citing the 33 million page views that the steamy shoot has generated for the magazine’s Web site so far, GQ publisher and VP…


Jennifer Aniston Catches Heat in ‘R’ Word Flap (VIDEO)

Jennifer Aniston is catching flak today after using a term that could be considered insensitive to the mentally challenged while appearing on Live With Regis and Kelly. Discussing her recent layout for Harper’s Bazaar, in which Aniston recreated iconic photographs of show-biz legend Barbra Streisand, Aniston blurted out,

“Yes, I play dress up!


MTV Caves In, Apologizes for Movie Awards’ F-Bomb Frenzy

Apparently, MTV has learned to choose its words a lot more carefully in the last couple of days.
As anyone who watched the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday realizes, the ceremony featured a virtual flurry of F-bombs, several of which managed to evade the censors’ bleep buttons during the show’s live East Coast feed.

Celebuzz |

Parents’ Group Declares Itself Outraged Over MTV Movie Awards’ F-Bomb Frenzy

With last night’s MTV Video Awards, the folks who man the bleep buttons were definitely busy. And today it’s time for the nation’s moral scolds to go into overdrive.
The various skits, presentation speeches and acceptance speeches during last night’s award show were riddled with F-bombs. While most of them were obscured behind the…

Celebuzz |

Britney Spears “Extremely Upset” Over Lip-Synching Controversy

Britney Spears may or may not be a big fan of singing live, but she sure can open her mouth to voice her displeasure.
Since launching the Australian leg of her Circus tour last week, the “Womanizer” songbird has come under harsh criticism for supposedly lip-synching during the shows, from both the Australian government

Celebuzz |

Britney Spears’ ‘Circus’ Show: Kid-Friendly After All

Fear not, child-safety advocates; despite recent heated claims to the contrary, Britney Spears’ stage show is safe for kids’ consumption.
Well, at least her kids.
Us Magazine reports that Sean Preston and Jayden James were shielded from the bawdier moments during the March 3 debut of the Circus tour in New Orleans.

Betsy Waldman |

Kristen Stewart: Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

Kristen Stewart says she means no harm Twilight fans.
The Twilight-star-of-much-discussion says her words are taken out of context and then misunderstood by passionate fans.
“You have to stay away from certain key words that can be twisted into a negative connotation,” Stewart said at a press day for her new movie The

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