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Jenna Dewan Tatum Calls Her Sex Life with Channing Tatum ‘Primal’

Gabrielle Chung | December 8, 2016 - 7:36 pm

I’ve always been a very sexual person.” More »

Zooey Deschanel Talks Rapping with Justin Timberlake and Twitter Fails

Kit Bowen | October 6, 2016 - 7:48 pm

“They were like, are you ready to rap?” More »

Gwen Stefani Calls Gavin Rossdale Split ‘Months and Months of Torture’

Gabrielle Chung | August 4, 2016 - 2:37 pm

Here’s how Gwen Stefani found solace with boyfriend Blake Shelton. More »

Troian Bellisario Drags Taylor Swift for Her ‘False Feminism’

Gabrielle Chung | July 28, 2016 - 7:10 pm

Taylor Swift doesn’t have an ally in this Pretty Little Liar.

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This Is Why Ashley Graham Thinks Amy Schumer Is a Bit of a Hypocrite

Gabrielle Chung | July 7, 2016 - 2:10 pm

Amy Schumer may not be the best role model for body positivity, according to Ashley Graham. More »

That Time Zendaya Fired Her Publicist Over a Racist Remark

Gabrielle Chung | June 2, 2016 - 12:48 pm

Zendaya has no time for your condescension.

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Shay Mitchell on Dating and Sexuality: ‘I’m Never Going to Label Myself’

Kaitlyn Laurie | May 5, 2016 - 12:20 pm

Shay Mitchell’s philosophy on love is quite simple: “You love who you love. Black, white, polka-dot.”

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Kaley Cuoco ‘Cannot Wait’ to Be in Love Again After Ryan Sweeting Split

Gabrielle Chung | March 3, 2016 - 12:55 pm

Kaley Cuoco is moving on.

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Julianne Hough Needs Your Help to Be Better at Phone Sex

Mia Lardiere | January 7, 2016 - 2:22 pm

Consider it an act of charity.

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Miranda Lambert ‘Will Not Put up with Your Sh*t’, Says to Stop Taking Sides in Divorce from Blake Shelton

Mia Lardiere | December 1, 2015 - 9:24 am

Some tea, no shade.

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WATCH: Kylie Jenner Once Sh-t Her Pants, Kris Joined the Mile High Club

Mia Lardiere | October 21, 2015 - 4:44 pm

The Kardashian ladies are getting quite kandid.

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The Kardashians Celebrate Cosmopolitan’s 50th and More Celebrity Social Media Pics

Kaitlyn Laurie | October 13, 2015 - 8:00 pm

We’ve rounded up some of the cutest, raciest and fun celebrity Instagram and Twitter pics from the past 24 hours featuring Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Mariah Carey, Amy Schumer, Bella Hadid, Lady Gaga and more.

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