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Kim Kardashian’s Go-To Look Has Become Way Too Predictable

There really should be a rule in fashion that if you like a certain look, you should never wear it to death.
If there was, then maybe Kim Kardashian would be able to find something else to wear besides crop tops and tight pencil skirts every day – but I highly doubt it.

Camilla Werner-Longo |

Rihanna, Kristen Stewart: 8 Celebs who Dared to Bare Their Bellies (GALLERY)

Move over stem-showing side slits and plunging necklines. This season’s sexy new style doesn’t involve leg bombing or taking the plunge.

After season after season of legs and cleavage dominating the red carpet, a new body part has been taken out of hibernation and thrust into the spotlight in time for the holiday…

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