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WATCH: This Owl Is Your New Spirit Animal

Having some trouble defining the word “zen?” Look no further than the gorgeous creature you’re about to meet.

Peggy Truong / July 30, 2015

Monday Struggles: Bulldog Puppy Vs. Folding Chair

We are all this bulldog puppy today.

Peggy Truong / July 27, 2015

WATCH: Let This Water Skiing Squirrel Kick Off Your Holiday Weekend

Need some long weekend inspiration? Consider your new summer hero, Twiggy the squirrel.

Peggy Truong / July 2, 2015

WATCH: That Time a Stowaway Cat Went for a Little Plane Ride

Cutest surprise passenger ever.

Peggy Truong / June 22, 2015

WATCH: And Now, ‘Jurassic World’ Starring Wiener Dogs

“It’s a relationship based on respect.”

Peggy Truong / June 18, 2015

WATCH: This Dog Is a Better Soccer Player Than You’ll Ever Be

This soccer star is so good, even pugs will stop to watch.

Peggy Truong / June 10, 2015

WATCH: And Now, the Laziest Corgi in the World

This adorable corgi is all of us on this very difficult, long Monday.

Peggy Truong / June 8, 2015

WATCH: And Now, ‘Insidious: Chapter 3′ Starring Pug Puppies

Warning: what you’re about to see is anything but scary.

Peggy Truong / June 2, 2015

WATCH: Man Creates World’s ‘Largest Functioning Whoopee Cushion,’ Not Everyone Is Impressed

Your favorite childhood prank device is making headlines this week, but it’s not for any record-breaking reasons.

Peggy Truong / June 1, 2015

And Now, the Most Adorable Case of the Hiccups

It’s no secret that hiccups are the worst.

Peggy Truong / May 1, 2015

WATCH: This Pug Is the King of Chilling

Forget about beach body goals. Our new goal for the summer is to straight up chill more.

Peggy Truong / April 21, 2015

WATCH: This Dog Got the Worst ‘Lion’ Haircut Ever

You’re not going to hear this dog (or his haircut) roar anytime soon.

Peggy Truong / April 15, 2015

Husky and Dog Friends Throw the Cutest Howling Fit Ever

We all can learn a thing or two from these howling pups.

Peggy Truong / April 9, 2015

WATCH: Rescued Orangutan Friends Enjoy the Cutest Meal Ever

Those who eat meals together, stay together.

Peggy Truong / April 8, 2015

WATCH: Virginia the Pig Hates Cuddling

Not every cute animal is a snuggle buddy.

Peggy Truong / April 6, 2015
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