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‘Hitchcock’: Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren Slash Through the Melodrama of Making ‘Psycho’ (MOVIE REVIEW)

Of the few directors to achieve celebrity status, the biggest among them, both literally and figuratively, is Alfred Hitchcock, whose career spanned fifty years and 66 movies including Rear Window, Vertigo and finally North by Northwest as the fifties were winding down.

It is here where Sacha Gervasi begins his new movie, Hitchcock,…

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Ex-Wife of Danny Huston Commits Suicide

Another tragedy has struck the Hollywood community.
Katie Jane Evans, the 35-year-old ex-wife of actor Danny Huston, has committed suicide following the breakup of the pair’s marriage.
Evans apparently jumped off the roof of her Manhattan Beach, California, home.
Huston—the son of famed director John Huston and half-brother of Anjelica Huston—met Evans…

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