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Democratic National Convention: Stars Throw Love-Fest for Barack Obama

Okay, not every famous person loved President Barack Obama’s acceptance speech on Thurdsay night at the Democratic National Convention.

For instance, Donald Trump Jr., whose father is still busy trying to prove that the president’s Hawaiian birth certificate is a forgery, tweeted in response to the speech, “Well in 2008 we voted for…

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Democratic National Convention: President Obama Caps a Star-Studded Night

Last week, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s opening act was Clint Eastwood. (And an empty chair.) This week, before he gave his acceptance speech last night at the Democratic National Convention, President Barack Obama’s opening act was… seemingly everyone else in Hollywood.

There were Scarlett Johansson and Kerry Washington, bringing some Tinseltown glamour…

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Stars Give Bill Clinton’s Democratic Convention Speech a Thumbs-Up on Twitter

It’s hard to imagine what could make largely liberal Hollywood swoon more rapturously than First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. Unless it’s former President Bill Clinton’s even more epic speech to the convention on Wednesday. Like Mrs. Obama’s speech, it drew a gushing outpouring of raves…

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Democratic National Convention: Bill Clinton Makes the Case for Four More Years

Former President Bill Clinton had the Charlotte crowd (and probably many people watching at home) eating out of his hand Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention, as he made an eloquent, exhaustive case for re-electing his party to the White House for four more years. Seriously, after last night’s speech, he could win another…

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Michelle Obama’s Democratic National Convention Speech Earns Hollywood’s Praise

Celebrities often reduce their fans to gushing and babbling fountains of praise, but who makes the celebrities gush and babble?

Apparently, it’s First Lady Michelle Obama, whose emotional speech at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday prompted an outpouring of florid, flattering tweets from people usually on the receiving end of such mushy…

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Democratic National Convention: Michelle Obama Gets Personal

Much of Tuesday’s opening night of the Democratic National Convention seemed programmed as a direct rebuttal to speeches the Republicans made a week ago at their convention. If you watched both, you got a weird mirror effect — weirder than watching congressional candidate Joaquin Castro introduce his identical twin brother, San Antonio, Texas Mayor Julian

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Democratic National Convention: Will Betty White Pull a Clint Eastwood?

Hey, it worked on Saturday Night Live honcho Lorne Michaels. Maybe it’ll work on Barack Obama as well.

A 2010 petition drive of Betty White fans on Facebook persuaded the SNL guru to give the Golden Girl a hosting gig on the venerable comedy show. Now, a similar petition drive seeks to get…

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