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Watch: Taylor Swift Stars in New Diet Coke Commercial with Cat Olivia Benson

Taylor Swift's cat, Olivia Benson, is a star! The 24-year-old singer's new cat is becoming very famous. After modeling in a new Keds campaign, Olivia is now starring in a Diet Coke commercial with her famous parent. Taylor tweeted out a video of the new commercial today, letting the…
By: Jess Cohen / October 15, 2014

Tay-Tay Vs. Bey: Who Sizzles Or Fizzles?

The long-standing battle of the soda giants, Pepsi vs. Coca Cola, just got even BIGGER, with two of music's heavy-hitters going head-to-head. That's right, CB! is putting Taylor Swift and Beyonce in the ring. The debut of T-Swift's Diet Coke commercial aired during American Idol Thursday night, and in signature Swift style, it's sweet and fu…
By: Amanda Hittinger / April 12, 2013

T-Swift Teases The First Glimpse Of Her Diet Coke Commercial

Love it or hate it, Taylor Swift's music is just darn catchy. Whether you're in the car bobbing your head along to the lyrics or belting out your best vocals in the privacy of your bedroom, you can't deny that her tunes make you move. Her newest single "22" is the fourth sure-fire hit…
By: Amanda Hittinger / April 11, 2013