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Chris Hemsworth Ate 500 Calories a Day While Filming ‘In the Heart of the Sea’

Michael Prieve | July 29, 2015 - 8:30 am

Chris Hemsworth really wanted a cheeseburger while eating less than 1,000 calories per day for his role in forthcoming feature In the Heart of the Sea.

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Khloe Kardashian Dishes the Secrets of Her Weight Loss Success

Kendall Fisher | July 13, 2015 - 4:42 pm

After going through some weight struggles last year, Khloé Kardashian’s body is seriously on point. So of course we need to know: how the heck is she doing it?

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EXCLUSIVE: Sofia Vergara Reveals Her Health, Fitness and Diet Secrets

Kendall Fisher | June 12, 2015 - 2:20 pm

Sofia Vergara has hands-down one of the best bodies in Hollywood, but one thing she’s made clear through her years in the industry: she HATES working out. So how in the world does she maintain her toned figure?

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Jennifer Aniston Talks Plastic Surgery and Cookbooks

Kendall Fisher | June 5, 2015 - 2:10 pm

Jennifer Aniston has said it before, and she’ll say it again: she truly doesn’t believe in “injecting shit” into her face.

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Tuesday 10: Celebrity Trainer Reveals 10 Things to Add to Your Diet to Get in Shape for Summer

Kendall Fisher | June 2, 2015 - 12:28 pm

Today is the second day of June, and we all know what that means: it’s officially bikini season.

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If You Want a Hot Body Like Kate Upton, Here’s What You Should Eat

Kendall Fisher | April 28, 2015 - 7:09 pm

Kate Upton is considered one of Hollywood’s most beautiful ladies with one of the most smokin’ bodies, and though lots of people might chalk it up to genetics, she admits she has to work for it.

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Find Out How Sam Smith Lost 14 Pounds in Two Weeks

Kendall Fisher | March 17, 2015 - 7:33 pm

Sam Smith is looking and feeling better than ever after losing 14 pounds in just two weeks… But how did he do it?

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Victoria’s Secret Model Erin Heatherton Dishes the Secrets to Getting Her Hot Body

Kendall Fisher | February 18, 2015 - 4:30 pm

Ever wonder what it takes to be one of the hottest, most wanted lingerie models in the world? Well, Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton is dishing some of those secrets…

The 25-year-old blonde beauty — and former girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio — is currently facing off in a Celebrity Fitbit ChallengeMore »

Khloe Kardashian Drops Secret Recipe for Losing Weight: Get it Now!

Kendall Fisher | January 29, 2015 - 4:30 pm

There’s no doubt about it, Khloé Kardashian has been looking absolutely amazing these days, but losing the weight and getting fit hasn’t come all that easy for the 30-year-old.

KoKo is constantly at the gym, waking up before the sun rises to get her workout in prior to a full day… More »

Kim Kardashian Wants to Kick her Sweet Tooth And ‘Make Some Changes’

Kendall Fisher | October 15, 2014 - 10:30 pm

Kim Kardashian has been adamant about losing weight and keeping it off after giving birth to North West.

The 33-year-old reality star has been busy getting in kick-ass work outs and maintaining a strict diet regiment–all the while documenting her progress and set backs on Twitter.

Today Kim appears to be… More »

Find Out How Kendall Jenner Gets Into Shape for Fashion Week

Kendall Fisher | September 24, 2014 - 10:30 pm

Kendall Jenner has been killing the runway these days!

She’s gone topless for Ralph Lauren, snatched up the front and center spot for Dolce and Gabbana and bared her toned tummy for Fendi–all the while looking absolutely flawless!

So how does she do it?! How does someone like Kendall get in… More »

Kylie Jenner is a Bad Influence on Kim Kardashian

Kendall Fisher | August 6, 2014 - 2:00 pm

Usually it’s the older sisters who tend to be a bit of a bad influence on their younger siblings… But in the case of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner is the one tempting Kim Kardashian in all the wrong ways!

Just a few hours after Kimmie went on a Twitter rant over herMore »

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