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Listen: Justin Bieber’s Surprise New Song with Diplo and Skrillex

Justin Bieber is featured on Diplo and Skrillex‘s surprise new album, which dropped yesterday (Feb. 26, 2015).

Called “Where Are U Now”, the Biebs wrote the song one night in the studio.

It’s definitely worth a listen, so check it out in the video above.…

By: Kaitlyn Laurie / February 27, 2015

Sam Smith is Just Like Us: Spends Day After Grammy Awards Hung Over and Crying

Sam Smith may be the No.1 artist in the world right now after taking home four Grammy Awards last night, but he’s still just like you and me.

The 22-year-old singer spent his post-Grammy evening partying away with friends — a much deserved celebration after his big night — and felt the wrath…

By: Kendall Fisher / February 9, 2015

Did Diplo Just Confirm That Selena Gomez and Zedd Are Dating?

Zelena update!

Though it’s clear that Selena Gomez and Zedd have been exchanging cutesy messages both on and offline these days, the latest tweet from Diplo about the supposed lovebirds may have just solidified their dating status to the world.

By: Gabrielle Chung / February 3, 2015

Diplo on Taylor Swift’s Fans: ‘They’re the Worst People in the World’

The 2015 Shade Wars rage on!

Katy Perry‘s on-again-off-again boyfriend-slash-whatever, Diplo, is once again making headlines for remarks made about 2014’s reigning Pop Queen, Taylor Swift. And this time, he’s dragging her fans into the flames.

By: Matt Russoniello / January 23, 2015

Diplo Kind of Shades Taylor Swift Again, Says He Knows Her Dark Secrets

The feud between Diplo and Taylor Swift isn’t over just yet.

In GQ‘s latest “19 Musicians That Matter” feature, the producer throws some more shade on the “Blank Space” songstress in one scathing blurb, hinting that there’s more to Swift’s good girl image than meets the eye.

By: Gabrielle Chung / January 22, 2015

Diplo Has Some More Things to Say About Taylor Swift and His Allegedly Tiny Penis

Diplo, boyfriend of Katy Perry and haver of a tiny penis, is apparently not content to let his beef with Taylor Swift die.

The producer recently shared a raunchy photo to Instagram with a Swift-baiting caption, proving, once and for all, that some adults never stop acting like children.

By: Matt Russoniello / November 19, 2014

Diplo Fires Back at Taylor ‘Swift Boat Veterans’ and Lorde for Calling Out His ‘Tiny Penis’

Diplo sent out some comically loathsome tweets over the weekend in defense of Lorde‘s accusations that he has a “tiny penis”.

Lorde came to BFF Taylor Swift‘s defense after Diplo suggested the latter had a small booty, and then tried to remediate her small tush situation by creating a petition to “Get Taylor Swift…

By: Kaitlyn Laurie / November 17, 2014

Lorde Defends Taylor Swift, Calls Out Diplo For Having ‘Tiny Penis’

If there’s one thing all dudes should remember: when you’re rude to a girl, her posse of BFFs is undoubtedly going to raise hell in your life.

As is the case with Lorde and Taylor Swift.

On Wednesday afternoon, Katy Perry‘s alleged boyfriend Diplo decided to poke fun at the country-turned-pop

By: Kendall Fisher / November 13, 2014

Katy Perry Has ‘Learned Her Lesson,’ Stays ‘In Control’ of Relationship With Diplo

They’ve been staying hush-hush about their relationship, but it’s getting serious between Katy Perry and Diplo.

According to E! News, Katy’s choosing not to go public with their romance. She has, however, introduced the Major Lazer producer to her family already. Do they approve?

By: Mindy Lee / October 11, 2014

The Week in Tabloid Fodder: Fact vs. Fiction

It’s that time of the week again when the celebrity weeklies hit the newsstands. To separate what’s real and rumor, we turned to our friends at Gossip Cop for the 411 on this week’s most controversial stories.

By: Celebuzz / June 29, 2014

Is Robert Pattinson Still Crushing on Katy Perry?

They’ve been friends for years, but perhaps it’s time for Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry to take their friendship to the next level. It seems like RPatz would be game.

According to Page Six, the Water for Elephants star and “Roar” singer hung out at the after-party for Pattinson’s new film The Rover in Lo…

By: Barbara DeFranco / June 16, 2014

Apparently Katy Perry Has Terrible Gay-Dar

In Katy Perry‘s defense, with all the trendy hipster clothing guys are wearing these days, I, too, have a difficult time telling who’s gay and who’s not… Which typically ends up in me getting laughed at and feeling pretty embarrassed about my life.

But for someone like Katy, flirting with a gay guy…

By: Kendall Fisher / April 16, 2014

Joe Jonas Decribes his ‘Dream Come True,’ Includes Strip Clubs and Diplo

When you think of someone’s big dreams in life they usually include something along the lines of landing a huge job, starting a family, visiting a magical location

But when it comes to Joe Jonas, his dreams are much less, er, complicated.  They simply include: Diplo, Vegas and strip clubs.

By: Kendall Fisher / April 1, 2014

Listen: Usher Wants To ‘Go Missin’ With You

Forget chocolate and flowers — Usher gifted his fans a different kind of Valentine’s Day treat: a new song.

On the heels of Justin Timberlake dropping his “Suit & Tie” music video, the Grammy-winning R&B artist also capitalized on the Hallmark holiday by dropping his brand-new collaboration with DJ-producer Diplo.


By: Cory Lopez / February 15, 2013