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Forget Bankruptcy, Janice Dickinson Moves Into A New $1.4 Million Pad

What do you do when you’re nearly $1 million in debt? Well, if you’re Janice Dickinson you drop $1.43 million on a Beverly Hills home, of course. The newly-bankrupt credit card happy and sharp-tongued former catwalker has moved into a brand new 2,700 square foot pad thanks to her physician fiancé Dr. Robert Gerner, who…

By: Andrea Simpson / May 22, 2013

Janice Dickinson: My Fourth Wedding Will Be My Last (EXCLUSIVE)

Forget third time's the charm, Janice Dickinson is putting her own twist on happily ever after. The feisty ex-America's Next Top Model judge has vowed that her fourth marriage -- this time, to Dr. Robert Gerner -- will be her final walk down the aisle.  “I know I have found 'Mr. Right,'" Dickinson told Celebuzz, in an exclusive interview. The…

By: Cliff Renfrew / December 18, 2012