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New Details Of Eddie Kaye Thomas’ Date From Hell

Maybe Finch should stick to older women like Stifler’s mom.
Actor Eddie Kaye Thomas picked-up a mystery blonde from Mel’s Diner and took her back to his Hollywood Hills home.
“It was hilarious, the poor guy was begging through a police bullhorn for the woman to leave.  He kept pleading ‘we are so concerned about you’,”…

Cliff Renfrew / April 18, 2013

Finch Should Have Stuck With Stifler’s Mom

Eddie Kaye Thomas’ on-screen tryst is one of the more — er, only — memorable American Pie scenes (“Oh, Stifler’s mom!”). But his recent real-life one-night stand is not one he will want to remember.

The actor — who seemingly slipped into oblivion after playing Paul Finch, who seduces the very Mrs. Robinson-like mother…

Cory Lopez / April 18, 2013