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The Last 15 ‘Songs of the Summer’ Ranked From Worst to Best

I have ranked every official Song of the Summer from 2000 to 2014. This ranking is correct, so you should not attempt to argue with its inherent rightness.

Matt Russoniello / July 7, 2015

Pretty Girls: Our 15 Favorite Female Pop Collaborations

Between the release of Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea’s “Pretty Girls” and our longing for a Lady Gaga / Madonna / Katy Perry single, we felt inspired to revisit our favorite female pop collaborations from years past.

Matt Russoniello / May 6, 2015

Iggy Azalea Feuds With More People, Responds to Jill Scott and Eve’s “Blaccent” Comment

It’s a day that ends with the letter “y,” so naturally Iggy Azalea is pissed at somebody.

This time, the “Fancy” hitmaker is firing back at Jill Scott and Eve, two longtime entertainers in the R&B and hip-hop game, and their recent comments about her so-called “blaccent.” In a series of tweets, Azalea shade…

Gabrielle Chung / January 29, 2015

Brad Pitt, Kendall Jenner and Bethenny Frankel Lead Today’s Star Sightings

From everyday errands to red carpet events, the stars have been keeping busy in the last 24 hours.
Brad Pitt stepped out in Los Angeles wearing head-to-toe black as he headed to a meeting. The 49-year-old actor recently spoke out about his longtime partner and fiance Angelina Jolie’s preventative double mastectomy.
“Having witnessed this decisio…

Peggy Truong / May 16, 2013

Russell Crowe Praises Obama as ‘The Future’: 14 Other Celebrities Who Support the President (GALLERY)

Another star is jumping on the Barack Obama bandwagon.

With just over two weeks until Election Day, many celebrities are throwing their Hollywood weight behind their candidate through official advertisements, fundraising events, personal endorsements, and now, Twitter.

“Villagers, I don’t endorse politicians. Not my thing. However, Obama is the light &am…

Cory Lopez / October 22, 2012

Eva Longoria and Jessica Alba Hold Key Roles at Democratic National Convention

Eva Longoria is no longer a Desperate Housewife, but she is desperate for President Obama’s reelection this year. With the Democratic National Convention just weeks away, the actress is stepping up to the podium to address the delegates at the Democratic National Convention next month in Charlotte.

Longoria, who is one of the co-chair…

Crystal Bell / August 24, 2012

Celebrity Jobs: Before They Were Famous (PHOTOS)

On Labor Day, why not make yourself hate your job less and remember that most celebrities don’t start out as richly-rewarded, fabulously glamorous objects of the public’s affection. Before they hit it big, they were working stiffs just like the rest of us.
Click through the photo gallery to see how Chace Crawford, Madonna, Lady

/ September 6, 2010

Chris Brown Has A Temper Tantrum Outside Las Vegas Club

It sounds like Chris Brown’s temper is getting him into more and more trouble.
The “Forever” singer reportedly threw a tantrum for the ages after he was denied entrance to Eve Nightclub in Las Vegas this past weekend.
Chris was in town to sing the national anthem for the Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Shane Mosley

/ May 4, 2010

The Dark Side Of Twilight (VIDEO)

We know you all woke up this morning and asked yourself, am I ready for another Twilight parody? Well then, you’re in luck! In the latest Funny Or Die Video with Brandon T Jackson and Eve, they preview their new flick Dark Moon, because “love is complicated when you’re an overly sensitive vampire in love.&#8221…

Alex Blagg / February 9, 2010

Celebs Dive in to a Dead Man’s Pool Party

Page Six reports that celebs such as Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson, Eve, Kevin Connolly and Stacy Keibler were all swimming in the pool at the Roosevelt Hotel over the weekend.
And Justin Long, Sarah Chalke, Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks were present in the pool area for an Effen Vodka party on Monday night.

Janie Marcus / October 22, 2008

‘Hip-Hop Honors’ to Score on VH-1

The VH-1 2008 Hip-Hop Honors was held at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City Thursday night, and every rap luminary the network could wrangle was in attendance.
Joining the festivities were Eve, Kid Rock and clockwatcher Flava Flav.
30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan was the illustrious guest host.
This year, artists including Cypress Hill, De

Celebuzz / October 3, 2008

Natalie Portman’s Cap Gets Another Feather

Is there any role that Natalie Portman can’t master?
Harvard grad. Bald hottie. On occasion, human fire hydrant.
And now the Devendra Banhart squeeze is adding “director” to her résumé.
Portman’s directorial debut, the 17-minute short film Eve, will receive its official unveiling at the Venice Film Festival, which opens August 27.

Betsy Waldman / August 13, 2008

The Ink Gallery: Top 10 Tattooed Beauties

Unlike Hollywood breakups and hookups, a tattoo is forever. 
Whether it reflects their inner personality, or was just a drunk spur-of-the moment decision, these stars showcase some interesting ink!
Check out the countdown of tats to the right, which is ranked in order of typical to unique. Whose do you think is the hottest? Leave…

Celebuzz / August 11, 2008

Nicole Richie on a Fast Train to Frumpy Town

After giving birth, most women would be proud to wear skimpy, body-hugging outfits, providing their slender figures had returned. But bone-thin mommy Nicole Richie goes to the opposite extreme, stepping out in public draped in giant swaths of busy cloth.
There’s an old saying in the fashion world that confusing patterns and colors can’t live…

Celebuzz / June 20, 2008