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A Kid Got Hit in the Face on ‘Fox & Friends’ This Morning

Fox & Friends, America's most ridiculous "news" program on America's most ridiculous cable "news" channel, has graduated from the War on Christmas to the War on Children. During a segment with teeny basketball sensation Titus Ashby, cohost Brian Killmeade threw the boy a pass which he caught square in his jaw. Stunned, Titu…
By: Robert Kessler / July 11, 2013

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Says Goodbye to ‘The View’ By Pretending Her Stint There Wasn’t a 10-Year Audition for ‘Fox & Friends’

Longtime The View cohost Elisabeth Hasselbeck began Wednesday's show -- her final day on The View -- by saying goodbye. Hasselbeck is leaving to become a cohost at Fox & Friends, replacing Gretchen Carlson who is leaving to host her own show on Fox News. Though it was only announced yesterday, Hasselbeck's departure from The View has bee…
By: Robert Kessler / July 10, 2013

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaves ‘The View’ To Join ‘Fox & Friends’

When one door closes, another one opens. The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck is making the jump from network to cable to cable, departing from the ABC daytime talk show for Fox & Friends. “I have been a long-time fan of Fox & Friends and am excited to be joining their team i…
By: Gabrielle Chung / July 9, 2013