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The Casts of ‘Boy Meets World, Full House’ Reunite, Plus 4 More Classic TV and Movie Cast Reunion Photos!

We bet that you can't get through these pictures without feeling nostalgic! As cast reunions have been popping up all the time as of late, fans have been taken on trips down memory lane time and time again as they celebrate the reunions of their favorite characters, alongside the actors who made them so memorable,…
By: Patricia Silva / June 28, 2014

Katy Perry Vacations With Diplo, Rachel Bilson’s Bikini Baby Bump, George Clooney’s Wedding Location: A Roundup

Katy Perry Caught Vacationing With Diplo The “Roar” singer is sparking romance rumors after she snapped a photo of herself in a hammock that looked suspiciously like the one the DJ extraordinaire posted on his Instagram. See the vacation pictures on Gossip Cop. Rachel Bilson Shows Off Baby Bum…
By: Gabrielle Chung / June 10, 2014

Aziz Ansari’s ‘Friday Night Lights’ Super Bowl Was Far More Exciting Than the Real One

The actual Super Bowl may have been completely devoid of suspense or surprise, but last night, on Twitter, Aziz Ansari was busy writing a much more exciting game: the Friday Night Lights Super Bowl.
By: Robert Kessler / February 3, 2014

Connie Britton Wants to Return to ‘American Horror Story’

Connie Britton, a honey-voiced angel sent to us to make everything wonderful, says she's down to return to American Horror Story.
By: Robert Kessler / November 1, 2013

‘Friday Night Lights’ Stars Celebrate Sunday Funday

I totally forgive Scott Porter for wearing crocs in this Instagram, because it has made my Monday infinitely better.
By: Kelly Lynch / October 21, 2013

Countdown to The Emmys: Which Canceled TV Series Would You Bring Back?

In anticipation of the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, which air September 22 at 8 p.m. ET, we are launching a series of polls and other TV-related challenges. Return each week for a new Countdown to the Emmys event! Your first mission, should you choose to accept it, is to tell us which canceled TV…
By: Matt Russoniello / September 3, 2013

‘Friday Night Lights’ Reunion at ATX Festival: Connie Britton, Kyle Chandler and the Cast Talk Memories and a Movie

While fans’ eyes may not have been clear during the Friday Night Lights cast reunion on Saturday at the ATX Television Festival, their hearts were most certainly full as soon as they realized their favorite cast members, Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, aka Coach and Mrs. Coach, were in the building. The core…
By: Lauren DiMascio / June 11, 2013

‘The Host’ Premieres New Pics; Kyle Chandler Nixes ‘Friday Night Lights’ Film; Tarantino Teases Next Project

The film adaptation of Twilight author Stephanie Meyer’s The Host arrives in theaters March 29, 2013. To tide fans over, Summit Entertainment released new images from the sci-fi drama starring Saoirse Ronan. Click here to check out the new pics! []…
By: Phil Pirrello / December 7, 2012

Connie Britton Slams Mitt Romney’s Use of ‘Friday Night Lights’ Catchphrase

Mitt Romney has reappropriated Friday Night Lights football team's famous mantra, "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose," in his election-time campaign ads, debates and speeches -- and the the series' leading lady isn't to thrilled about it. Connie Britton — who starred as Tami Taylor in the heart-warming high-school drama — is slamming the…
By: Cory Lopez / October 29, 2012

‘Friday Night Lights’ Matt Lauria Gets Wet and Shirtless With Mae Whitman for NBC’s ‘Parenthood’ (PHOTOS)

Matt Lauria and Parenthood co-star Mae Whitman were getting hot, heavy and wet on the beach Wednesday while filming scenes for the NBC show. The former Friday Night Lights star was seen in nothing except his underwear as he frolicked in the ocean with Whitman, who wore only her bra and a skirt. Flip through…
By: Lauren DiMascio / October 17, 2012

Minka Kelly Sex Tape Being Shopped: 14 Other Notorious Hollywood Nude Scandals

Another day, another Hollywood sex tape. Following in the footsteps of Paris Hilton and Kendra Wilkinson, Minka Kelly is the latest in a long line of celebrities to find themselves wrapped in up a notorious nude scandal. The sexy Friday Night Lights stunner was reportedly caught on camera with…
By: Cory Lopez / July 24, 2012

‘Friday Night Lights’ Star Zach Gilford Engaged to Kiele Sanchez!

Friday Night Lights hunk Zach Gilford is off the market! Yes, the 29-year-old actor has put a ring on girlfriend and actress Kiele Sanchez, 34. A source confirms the engagement to Celebuzz, which was first reported by Us Weekly.
By: Taryn Ryder / November 30, 2011

Zach Gilford Talks ‘Bittersweet’ ‘Friday Night Lights’ Finale

For Friday Night Lights fans, the show's season finale on July 15 will be both a gift and a curse: It brings a heartwarming and likely tear-jerking close to one of the best written and acted shows on network television in recent years (which explains why it just got an Emmy nomination for Best…
By: Mike Hess / July 14, 2011

Michael B. Jordan Admits ‘Tears Started Flowing’ During Final Day On ‘Friday Night Lights’ Set

It's one of the only shows on television that can make grown men cry and come Friday, the critically acclaimed Friday Night Lights will have audiences everywhere grabbing for the tissues as the show says goodbye with it's series finale. Celebuzz caught up with FNL actor Michael B. Jordan (The Wire, Parenthood) who opened up about…
By: / July 13, 2011