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Rebecca Black Strikes Back with New Single July 18

Wes Ferguson | July 11, 2011 - 1:05 am

Is Rebecca Black more than a one hit wonder? The world will find out on July 18. That Monday could be her next “Friday” as she debuts her second single, called “My Moment.” 

The song — and accompanying video — dive into the young internet star’s personal life and rise to viral stardom. More »

Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Returns with Director’s Cut (VIDEO)

| June 17, 2011 - 12:09 pm

After being pulled from YouTube earlier this week, Rebecca Black’s infamous “Friday” music video has returned to the Internet with some perks! A special director’s cut has emerged following Ark Music charging viewers $2.99 to watch the original viral video and then taking it down entirely. 

Note: Hours after posting this video/story, the director’sMore »