New ‘Fury’ Trailer: The Tank is Brad Pitt’s Home

In just a few weeks, Oscar contender season will unofficially kick off with the release of David Ayer’s highly anticipated WWII drama Fury.

On Monday, Sony Pictures Entertainment… More »


Brad Pitt’s Back in the Nazi-Killing Business in the Trailer for ‘Fury’

“I think this just might be my masterpiece,” Brad Pitt coos toward the end of Inglourious Basterds, as he carves a swastika into the forehead of a Nazi. Well, Nazi-killin’ More »

Get a First Look at Brad Pitt’s World War II Epic, ‘Fury’

Remember when Brad Pitt cut his hair short and the world rejoiced? Well that’s because he was filming Fury, a World War II epic that also stars Shia LaBeouf, ScottMore »

When I saw these pics of Brad Pitt arriving at LAX on Friday (January 17, 2014), I wondered what the hell was up with his hair (shaved sides and slicked… More »


The English countryside was graced with the presence of a big movie star and an even bigger vehicle this week.

On Tuesday, megastar Brad Pitt was spotted riding… More »