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Justin Bieber STILL Owes Germany $11,000 for Abandoning His Monkey Mally

Justin Bieber is making friends all over the world.

No, we’re not talking about his brothel playmates and Brazilian party girl he didn’t pay (wink, wink).

These are the kind of friends who will gladly take his money.

Andrea Simpson |

Germany Is Getting Help From The U.S. To Get Justin Bieber To Pay Up

Justin Bieber won’t have too much longer to put off footing the bill for his former furry friend.

German officials are now seeking the help of the U.S. government to get to the pop star and officially get him to pay up, Celebuzz has learned.

The Federal Agency for Nature Conservation planned…

Andrea Simpson |

Mally The Monkey Is Finding It Hard To Make Friends In Germany

Justin Bieber’s monkey who’s been adopted by a German zoo is coming to grips with his new home away from Hollywood, but the adjustment into a life beyond the flurry of flashbulbs and red carpet hasn’t been easy for the world’s most famous capuchin.

“Mally needs more time than we thought to get…

Andrea Simpson |

Justin Bieber’s Pet Monkey is Now Officially Germany’s Pet Affe

Justin Bieber’s pet monkey, Mally, is now Germany’s pet monkey, Mally.

The monkey’s ownership was officially transferred to the German state today, after Bieber failed to produce vaccination and import papers. Mally was originally seized March 28 after Bieber and Mally landed in Munich. The state quarantined the monkey and told Bieber he…

Robert Kessler |

Zoos Vying For Justin’s Stranded Monkey

Justin Bieber’s stranded pet monkey Mally is in high demand.

Zoos in both London and Holland are fighting for the tiny 14-week-old capuchin monkey, that is, if its superstar owner fails to file the correct paperwork within the next month.

Cliff Renfrew |