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Anna Kendrick Just Said What We’ve All Been Thinking About Britney Spears

Britney Spears fan or not, lots of people have noticed some, er, changes to her demeanor on the red carpet while taking photos... Anna Kendrick being one of them.

By: Kendall Fisher / March 27, 2015

Shailene Woodley Goes Topless in ‘Glamour,’ Talks Sex, Nudity and Her Chance at ’50 Shades’

Shailene Woodley isn't afraid to get naked — as proven in her new topless photo shoot for UK Glamour magazine's April issue. The 23-year-old stripped down for the publication, wearing nothing but a pair of jeans for one photo and a sports bra and underwear in another. "I'm totally comfortable with nudity," Woodley says i…

By: Kendall Fisher / February 26, 2015

One Direction Hangs With Rosie Huntington-Whiteley For ‘Glamour’

The lads of One Direction are pretty lucky boys. The "You Don't Know You're Beautiful" singers are posing with supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Glamour magazine's August issue -- just another perk of being superstars, we guess! 1D, denim-clad and hair to the sky, surround the lovely lady for the cover of the mag's music issue.

By: Alana Altmann / June 27, 2013

Alexa Chung, Olivia Wilde and Rashida Jones — ‘These Girls’ Know How to Pull Off the Cool Girl Look: Steal Their Style (GALLERY)

The red carpet was full of fall outfit inspiration at Glamour's 'These Girls' event in New York City on Tuesday night. From trendsetters Alexa Chung and model Coco Rocha to stylish celebs Olivia Wilde and Rashida Jones, these girls made one fashionable bunch. Unlike other red carpet events, attendees channeled the venue's downtown vibe with…

By: Kristin Koch / October 10, 2012