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Google Releases List of Top Trending Searches in 2014: Jennifer Lawrence Tops Kim Kardashian

Google has finally released it’s annual Year in Search data, and SPOILER ALERT! Kim Kardashian leads several of their top 10 lists.  (Like we didn’t already guess that would happen!)

But while the reality star was busy doing things like getting married and breaking the internet, which definitely led to her Google popularity,…

Kendall Fisher / December 16, 2014

Celebrities Threaten to Sue Google for $100 Million Over Leaked Nude Photos

Google could be facing a huge $100 million lawsuit over failing to remove links to nude celebrity photos leaked through iCloud.

Lawyer Marty Singer is representing over a dozen celebrities, according to Hollywood Reporter, and has sent a scathing letter to Google over failing to remove the sensitive content from platforms like YouTube…

Michael Prieve / October 2, 2014

This Is What Happens When Sandra Bullock Googles Herself… and It Involves Julia Roberts and George Clooney

Even movie stars can’t help but search their names on the World Wide Web.

In Sandra Bullock’s case, she decided to take the internet plunge to get some inspiration for her Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards acceptance speech Jan. 4 and got more information about herself — and George Clooney — tha…

Andrea Simpson / January 6, 2014

Google Beautifully Recalls The Year That Was

Google Zeitgeist put together a video of what the world searched for in 2013, from Prince George’s birth to Pope Francis’ powerful tours.

Kelly Lynch / December 27, 2013