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Lady Gaga, Grace Jones, and Philip Treacy Teamed Up for the Most Legendary Caption Contest Ever

I’m just gonna say it: SLAYING. YOUR. FAVS.
Surely, some of you will disagree with me. And that’s OK, because despite Adam Levine’s protestations, America is a great country where you’re entitled to have your own opinion, even if it is inferior to mine in every way. Because a photo of Lady Gaga, Grace Jones,…

Matt Russoniello / May 31, 2013

Fashion FAIL: Grace Jones Wears Invisibility Cloak (PHOTOS)

Looks like Grace Jones got her hands on Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. Someone should let her know the inivisibility function doesn’t work on muggles, and as such, perhaps pants would be a good idea.
Click through the gallery, because you know you want more of this. And for more fantastical fashion check out our coverage…

/ May 20, 2010

Grace Jones Says Lady GaGa Is Copying Her Style In The Fiercest Feud Of The Century

Before there was Lady GaGa, there was Grace Jones, the first lady of fierceness that all future fierce celebrities must win the approval of in order to get inducted into the Hall of Awesome. Unfortunately for GaGa, Grace isn’t a fan, and she thinks GaGa is copying her style.
GaGa has long-cited Grace as a…

/ April 20, 2010

Grace Jones Pelts Our Heart

Grace Jones has always been known for her unusual looks. But the model/singer/actress of ’80s yore was a whole new kind of stunning as she left the BBC Radio 1 studio in London on Tuesday.
Sporting a fedora and a Kenzo fur coat, Jones once again reinforced her status as a fashion renegade. Though…

Betsy Waldman / November 11, 2008