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Grammys 2015: And the Nominees Are…

The Recording Academy is being interesting this year.

Instead of announcing all the nominees all at once, they’re spreading the Grammy love over a series of video messages from celebrities all day long. The roll call concludes with Friday’s “A Very Grammy Christmas” special, where the nominees for Album of the Year will…

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Beyonce’s Grammys Dress Designer Michael Costello Dishes on Her Tiny Waist

Michael Costello, a Project Runway alum, was amazed by Beyonce’s ”tiny” measurements when dressing her for the 2014 Grammy Awards.

He enthused to E! News: ”It was incredible! We didn’t have any of her sizes or measurements. The dress was just made to fit a sample mannequin.

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Stars Share Photos From Inside The Grammy Awards

Once upon a time, we wished to be a fly on the wall at award ceremonies, finding out who was chummy, who was cozy and who was fit to be tied.

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Grammy Tribute Misspells Cory Monteith’s Name

Slow claps for the fact-checker who typed Cory Monteith’s name during last night’s Grammy tribute.  Fans were livid during the memorial when they saw the late actor’s name spelled ‘Montieth,” taking away from what would have been a solemn tribute.

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Jewelry, Clutches and a Massive Hat at the 2014 Grammy Awards

I’d be lying if I said I was bowled over by the amount of expensive jewelry worn to tonight’s Grammy Awards.  In years past, stars have draped themselves in upwards of $3 million worth of stones and metals.  Tonight’s ceremony was a bit more understated, save for Pharrell Williams’ Canadian Mounties hat.

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Here’s What You Missed at the 2014 Grammy Awards

The 3.5-hour opus that is this year’s Grammy Awards has come and gone. But in case you missed it and spent that time to do something more productive, Celebuzz has got the all the highlights that’ll help you break that awkward water cooler silence come Monday morning.

This is what you missed at…

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Grammy Awards 2014: Worst Dressed Stars

In my opinion, the most interesting part of the Grammy Awards isn’t who takes home Best ___ , but who showed up looking like a hot mess.  Like death and taxes, we can pretty much guarantee that a handful of celebrities will wear something so dreadful that it’s talked about for days.

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Ciara: 2014 Grammy Awards MVP

She’s pregnant, she’s engaged and she still looks f**king hot.  Ciara wins all the make-believe awards this year’s Grammys have to offer because she looks ridiculously hot and adorable at the same time.  Her Emilio Pucci gown covered a baby bump, which just started making its debut a few weeks back.

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Grammys 2014: Taylor Swift and Her Hair Get Angsty ‘All Too Well’

Like an Herbal Essence commercial, Taylor Swift’s performance at the 2014 Grammy Awards was one filled with smoldering looks and hair flips.

Our Lady of Breakup Songs took to the stage Sunday night to sing “All Too Well” from Reda song rumored to be about her brief romance with Jake Gyllenhaal. Understandably, emotions…

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Grammy Awards 2014: Best Dressed Stars

Well played, ladies.  Tonight you were at an event where the risk of looking like an absolute arse are very high.  Instead, you chose to pour your girlish figures into gowns that were both flattering and easy on the eyes.

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Grammys 2014: Katy Perry Is a ‘Dark Horse’ in the Pole-Dancing Category

If there was a Best Pole-Dancing During an On-Stage Musical Performance category at this year’s Grammys, Katy Perry would have won without a doubt.

Taking the stage to sing “Dark Horse” at this year’s ceremony, the songstress dug deep into her dark side and brought out what presumably was a cross between a…

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Grammys 2014: Beyonce and Jay-Z Are ‘Drunk in Love’

There’s only one power couple worthy enough to open the Grammys, so that’s probably why the folks behind music’s biggest night brought in Beyonce and Jay-Z last minute to kick of this year’s festivities.

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Ed Sheeran Talks Being a New Father and Penises at the 2014 Grammy Awards

Someone is a new papa.

Singer songwriter Ed Sheeran has revealed that he has rescued a kitten from an animal shelter and named the pet Graham.

Ed has been posting to his social networks and even created on for Graham.

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WATCH: 2014 Grammys Red Carpet Arrivals Livestream!

It’s the music industry’s night to shine and their biggest stars are set to hit the red carpet for the 56th annual Grammy Awards.

Be sure to tune in live with us on the red carpet – in association with AP – to check out who will be wearing the most revealing or…

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Red Carpet Rewind: 2004 Grammy Awards

Like other flashbacks we’ve had this award season, the 2004 Grammy Awards force us to revisit trends we thought were so cool.

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The Grammy Awards Sexiest Dresses

Last year, CBS put a dress code in play for the Grammy Awards, likely in an effort to avoid anything that is a no-no for network tv (prudes).

The assumption is that this dress code was implemented not just for 2013, but for subsequent years.  What does this mean for celebrities?  Probably nothing.

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Dust Off Your Cone Bras: Madonna Will Perform at the Grammys

Oooh guess what!  Madonna’s let followers on Instagram know that she’s going to be at Sunday’s Grammy Awards.


“It’s official!” Madonna, who bruised a bone in her foot after dancing in high heels, wrote yesterday. “I’m off my crutches and I’m looking for the perfect pair of heels to wear to…

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