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Greg Poehler Talks ‘Welcome to Sweden,’ and Turning the Poehlers Into the New Kardashians

As of right now, there is only one American television star named Poehler: Amy. But that all changes tonight when her younger brother Greg Poehler’s new show, Welcome to Sweden premieres on NBC. The semi-autobiographical show stars Poehler (the younger) as an American man who moves to Sweden for love. The show was already a…

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Here’s a Preview for Amy Poehler’s Brother’s Sitcom About Sweden

Here’s a first look at Welcome to Sweden, the upcoming NBC sitcom based on the real life of Amy Poehler’s brother Greg, who moved to Sweden for love. The show was already a hit in Sweden, and it’s coming to America this summer. …

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NBC Goes Full-Tilt on Its All Poehler, All the Time Strategy

NBC has just bought the U.S. rights to the Swedish series Welcome to Sweden, by Amy Poehler and her brother Greg. The show, a semi-autobiographical comedy about a New York accountant who falls in love with a woman from Sweden and moves there to be with her, originally aired in Sweden on TV4. …

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