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Speidi’s Ice Cream Date

By: Regan Stephens / May 24, 2010

Heidi & Spencer Visit Camp Pendleton

By: Regan Stephens / May 10, 2010
Um, is it really a good idea to allow Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt near heavy weaponry? Everyone's favorite Hills villains dropped in for a visit at the Camp Pendleton Marine base near San Diego on Sunday, where they paid tribute to our nation's military by clowning around on a tank and exploiting America's serviceme… More »

Heidi Montag Shows Off Her Bikini Body

By: Regan Stephens / April 12, 2010
Heidi Montag looked very similar to Barbie as she posed pool-side in a "self-designed bikini" over the weekend. With her new face, hair and body, the only thing that really separates Heidi from Barbie is the fact that brain-less plastic doll Ken might actually be a more likable companion than Spencer Pratt. Click here for… More »

‘The Hills’ Does Lunch

By: Regan Stephens / March 18, 2010
Since Heidi Montag has worked so hard on doing a complete renovation of her once-cute face, we knew it would only be a matter of time before she would show it off to her fellow cast mates on The Hills. Montag, along with Kristin Cavallari, Audrina Patridge and a pair of some seriously short khaki… More »

Heidi Montag On Set

By: Regan Stephens / March 16, 2010
Spencer Pratt's career may have hit a rough patch recently, but don't worry about hs wife Heidi Montag—she's well on her way to superstardom, y'all! Just check out the recently reconstructed Hills blonde filming her part for the upcoming romantic comedy Just Go With It, co-starring Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler and Nicole Kidman (hopefully she… More »

Spencer Pratt’s 10 Most Ridiculous “Looks”

By: Alex Blagg / February 22, 2010
Over the weekend, the hubby of Heidi Montag's new face, Spencer Pratt, baffled us more than he ever has before. He came out of his Hollywood hills house dressed as a guru, and rambled to the paparrazi (who he totally didnt' call) about the benefits of chanting and crystal. And if you've checked his TwitterMore »

Heidi Montag Celebrates Valentine’s Day

By: Noah / February 15, 2010
Heidi Montag might be a whole new woman thanks to a plastic-surgery spree she underwent last year, but clearly she's held onto some things. Such as the notion that Valentine's Day is a time for romance, and the belief that there's no occasion that isn't suitable for publicizing yourself. Montag's husband, Spencer Pratt, treated the… More »

Heidi Montag’s Yoga Sesh

By: Noah / January 26, 2010
Oh, get ready you guys. The new Heidi Montag was completely caught off guard when paps spotted her practicing yoga with her instructor outdoors on Saturday afternoon. Completely off guard. She just has no idea why anyone would be taking her picture outside of the Paparazzi Clubhouse where she likes doing her yoga... And yes,… More »

5 Albums That Could Outsell Heidi Montag’s “Superficial’

By: Alex Blagg / January 21, 2010
Why is Heidi so sad? In its first epic week of release, Heidi Montag's musically-dubious concoction, "Superficial" has sold precisely 658 albums. 658. Not so good. In fact, horrible, awful... embarrassing. To put that number in perspective, Susan Boyle sold over 600,000 albums in the debut week of "I Dreamed a Dream" this past November. More »

The Evolution of Heidi Montag’s Face

By: Alex Blagg / January 19, 2010
Heidi Montag has often been accused of being two-faced. In truth, the Hills villainess has sported many different faces over the years—and she just debuted a new one this week, after undergoing a staggering 10 cosmetic-surgery procedures in one day last November. In honor of Heidi's amazing new transformation—and in remembrance of the Heidis that… More »

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