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Irina’s Shayk Avoids Major Wardrobe Malfunction

It is tough being a supermodel/actress.

Irina Shayk arrived on the set of Extra today (July 22, 2014) looking oh so lovely in a white pleated dress with lace up peep-toe heels.

Michael Prieve |

Haters to the Left Because This New ‘Hercules’ Trailer Looks Fun as Hell

That first trailer was just to whet your appetite, but this new trailer for Hercules starring The Rock gets into the actual plot of the movie. …

Robert Kessler |

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Is ‘Hercules’: See His Long Hair and Beefed-Up Look in New Trailer

Let’s Get Ready to Ruuuumble!!

That was Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s introduction before his successful movie career. Now, the six-foot-five former professional wrestler is starring in Brett Ratner’s action-adventure take on the Greek legend, Hercules, coming to theaters in July.  …

Barbara DeFranco |

Comic-Con Livestream: Watch the ‘Hercules’ Panel Right Now!

Not all of us are lucky enough to get inside the largest pop culture event happening this weekend in New York, so Celebuzz has come to the rescue with a special livestream of the only Comic-Con panel you should be watching—Hercules: The Legend Begins, of course.

Ogle leading man Kellan Lutz in all…

Celebuzz |

Mark Wahlberg Talks ‘Ted 2′; Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Hercules’ Set for August Release

On Thursday, Mark Wahlberg made Ted fans very happy. While promoting his new film, Broken City, the actor gave an update on the sequel to his hit 2012 comedy. Oscar host and Ted director Seth MacFarlane is currently writing the script for Ted 2, Wahlberg has signed his deal to reprise his role and the actor will next be seen presenting an award at this…

Phil Pirrello |