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Alex Rodriguez Is Flipping His Miami Panty-Dropping Palace for $3.2 Million

A-Rod knows a good investment when he sees one. After only five months as the new owner of a luxe Miami condo, the Yankees slugger is flipping his bachelor pad -- and he's hoping to make an extra $1.1 million in the process, Celebuzz has learned.
By: Andrea Simpson / December 6, 2013

Go Inside Joanna Krupa’s $1.37 Million Miami Panty-Dropping Palace

Joanna Krupa’s got a new hubby and a brand new newlywed love nest. The Real Housewives of Miami star reportedly dropped $1.369 million in September on an ocean-view high-rise pad. And CB! has the inside photos.
By: Andrea Simpson / October 27, 2013

Go Inside Katie Holmes’ $12,500 a Month NYC Panty-Dropping Palace

It seems like only yesterday when Katie Holmes pulled off the ultimate Houdini-like headline-making stunt no one ever thought possible. That is, divorcing Tom Cruise and fleeing to New York City. Well, for the last year the Big Apple has become her I-successfully-escaped-Scientology sanctuary, where the former…
By: Andrea Simpson / October 1, 2013

Peek Inside Hugh Jackman’s $25 Million NYC Panty-Dropping Palace

Hugh Jackman has got that triple threat thing down. Especially since he’s acting, singing and dancing all the way to the bank  -- and has so much stored away for a rainy day that he plunked down $25 million to live in the Big Apple’…
By: Andrea Simpson / September 25, 2013