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2014 Celebrity Hookups

These celebs are notorious on the dating scene, and they waste no time moving on!

This past year, Hollywood has had quite the year when it comes to celebrity break ups and hook ups. Regardless, these celebs know exactly how to move on from the old and welcome in the new!

By: Serina Mehrian / January 1, 2015

Tara Reid Hates Long Goodbyes

Busy bikini mogul Tara Reid and her polo-shirted traveling companion are the picture of a couple preparing to say farewell for an indefinite amount of time.
In the wake of jet-setting to keggers around the world to promote her line of swimwear, Tara seems to be telling her loved one that even when she’…

By: Janie Marcus / September 2, 2008

Kate Moss Leaves Jamie Hince Behind

The on-again, off-again romance enjoyed by Kate Moss and The Kills frontman Jamie Hince means there is always a next break-up and reunion on the horizon.
The only constant in this couple’s relationship seems to be their commitment to wearing skinny jeans and sunglasses.Recently posing nude for a photoshoot for Interview magazine, Kate shrugged…

By: Betsy Waldman / September 2, 2008

Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant: Boating Together

On a recent boating vacation in swank Saint-Tropez, Elizabeth Hurley and her husband Arun Nayer met up with a gang of friends, including paparazzi averse Hugh Grant, Hurley’s former long-time boyfriend.But before assuming that the former couple was hoping for a romantic tryst on the ocean, bear in mind that it was a pretty full…

By: Celebuzz / August 26, 2008

Whitney Port Kissed a Boy

Usually well-behaved star of The Hills Whitney Port was caught on camera misbehaving with a scruffy-looking young man. Well, “misbehaving” might sound like a stretch. For the drama-free reality-television star, public displays of affection are about as racy as it gets.Maybe this is a sign of things to come for the aspiring fashionista, whose new

By: Betsy Waldman / August 26, 2008

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in Hot and Heavy Part 2

Fans of celebrity romance and Canadian couples have reason to rejoice.
Hopeful Internet speculation that Great White Northern actors Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are rekindling their love affair appears to be true!
The pair first fired their passions on the set of 2004’s The Notebook, but wandered their cold, separate, sad way…

By: Celebuzz / August 22, 2008

Jessica Simpson Says Carrie Underwood is Deluded

Carrie “Doesn’t Bow Out Gracefully” Underwood incited a public response out of Jessica Simpson when the American Idol winner told Allure that her ex (Jessica’s current beau) Tony Romo still calls her. In a radio interview with a Nashville radio station, Jessica slammed the claim when she admitted, “I looked at his call log.”…

By: Celebuzz / August 21, 2008

Rhys Ifans Wears His Heart on His Face

Welsh actor Rhys Ifans was left angry and bitter from his break-up from professional relationship bungler Sienna Miller. Lucky for him, Kimberly Stewart had been freshly rejected by John Mayer and was available for rebound service.Then, Rhys decided that losing Sienna might feel better if he went off with two or three Miller lookalikes!

By: Celebuzz / August 20, 2008

Lauren Conrad Claims She’s Single

Love is in the air for the stars of The Hills! Lauren Conrad has denied any romantic involvement with TV actor Kyle Howard who stars on the series My Boys. But once again, the reality television starlet/fashion designer hopeful was photographed with 30-year-old Howard at Hollywood hot spot Teddy’s looking like more than just passing…

By: Betsy Waldman / August 18, 2008

Benicio del Toro and Catherine Keener: Indie no More?

Actors Benicio del Toro and Catherine Keener were spotted at Green Door in Los Angeles. According to OK! Magazine, “He whispered into her ear, and she listened with rapt attention. He brushed his hand on her back. They had nice chemistry.”After ending her 17-year relationship with ex-husband Dermot Mulroney last year, Catherine’s been keeping a…

By: Celebuzz / August 8, 2008

Samantha Ronson’s Birthday Blues

After partying in Miami, Samantha Ronson and girlfriend Lindsay Lohan returned to L.A. for a celebration of Sam turning 31 years old on August 8.
But Ronson allowed the notoriously fickle freckled actress out of her sight long enough to mix and mingle with some stray boys.As if that weren’t enough, Ronson’s Cadillac DTS…

By: Celebuzz / August 7, 2008

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson: Lover’s Quarrel?

On Monday, Lindsay Lohan and DJ girlfriend Samantha Ronson arrived in Miami to meet up with Ronson’s family. The two checked into the Delano Hotel. According to a witness who tattled to People magazine, they “aren’t hiding their affection at all.”Onlookers claim that Linds and Sam spent Monday afternoon by the hotel pool, mixing and…

By: Celebuzz / August 6, 2008

Liv Tyler’s Supportive Brother-in-Law

Soon to be single and obviously ready to mingle Liv Tyler was spotted out at Dan Tana’s in West Hollywood. She’d apparently shared dinner with a man who very much resembles Tyler’s estranged husband, Royston Langdon.Anthony Langdon seemed to give his sister-in-law quite a bit of emotional (and physical) support as they faced paparazzi while…

By: Celebuzz / August 5, 2008

Hayden Panettiere’s a Naughty Cheerleader

Digital Spy is reporting that 18-year-old Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere surprised her man Milo Ventimiglia for his 31st birthday by stripping down to her undies and giving him a lap dance in front of the cast and crew of their hit show.Hayden supposedly enlisted the Heroes wardrobe team to make a Velcro-lined version of her…

By: Celebuzz / July 29, 2008

Jessica Simpson’s a Hard Habit to Break

Jennifer Aniston has had her hands full, trying to shoo away pesky women distracting John Mayer from her feminine wiles. She recently heaved Kimberly Stewart from backstage at John’s concert. And now, according to Page Six, the Friends star has found a bunch of love letters written to John by his ex, Jessica Simpson, stored…

By: Celebuzz / July 10, 2008

Posh Responds to Corey Haim’s Diss-and-Tell

Is that Posh Spice’s shadow lurking behind her? Oh, wait, it’s just Victoria Beckham’s BFF of the moment, fellow British beauty Kate Beckinsale.
Perhaps Kate is trying to convince her stick-thin friend to pose as her stunt booty. It doesn’t get much smaller than Victoria’s. The Spice Girl’s about two lunges away from her…

By: Celebuzz / July 1, 2008

Kathy Griffin Never Nailed Wozniak

Kathy Griffin is especially verbose as of late to promote the new season of My Life on the D-List. In a recent chat with Us, the red-headed Bravo star clarified the terms of her relationship with billionaire Steve Wozniak, whom she took as a date to the Emmys.
“I never f—-d him or anything!”…

By: Celebuzz / June 24, 2008

Miley Cyrus: Too Wild to be Tamed

At the tender age of 15, Miley Cyrus claims that her independent spirit will not yet allow her to get involved in a serious relationship.
The precocious teen told Top of the Pops magazine, “I’m too much to handle right now. I can’t be quiet and cute for boys—I have to be a bit…

By: Celebuzz / June 24, 2008

Victoria Beckham’s a Bad Kisser

Straight from the WTF files, busted actor/reality-show sad sack Corey Haim has suddenly revealed he had a relationship with Victoria Beckham back in 1995, the Daily Mail reports.
Somewhere in Beverly Hills, Posh Spice is reading this and going “Crikey, who thought that wanker would pop up again!”Haim, who experienced a slight career bum…

By: Celebuzz / June 18, 2008

Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee Shag and Shack Up

More than a decade after their 1998 divorce, the on-again, off-again parents of two Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson are cohabitating anew. “Pamela and the kids have moved in with me,” Tommy Lee told Rolling Stone, adding, “It’s awesome, man. It’s definitely working.”The Mötley Crüe drummer and the former Baywatch star seemed to have enjoyed…

By: Celebuzz / June 13, 2008
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