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Read the Text Messages Ramona Singer’s Cheating Husband Allegedly Sent to His Might-Be-Pregnant Mistress

Two months after Ramona Singer filed for divorce, she has reportedly let her philandering husband back into their Manhattan home.

But she better not be too quick to let him back into her heart by the looks of these text messages.

Andrea Simpson |

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Split Up for Good, So Saith The Mags

Ladies: Ryan Gosling is “officially” on the market. According to In Touch and Life & Style, the Drive star and his girlfriend, actress Eva Mendes split up for good around the holidays. …

Barbara DeFranco |

Tom Cruise Is a Cheapskate When It Comes to Legal Bills

Tom Cruise may be a millionaire many times over, but he’s not forking over his hard-earned cash… especially to the people he’s taken to court.

Forget the $50 million at stake in the defamation lawsuit he filed against In Touch and Life & Style magazines, they won’t get one penny more than what…

Andrea Simpson |

Katie Holmes’ Design Partner Jeanne Yang Revealed as Press Leak

If things couldn’t get messier in the divorce drama between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, they definitely have now.

Holmes’ design partner behind the line Holmes & YangJeanne Yang, has been dragged into the war of words between the celeb camps as a supposed leak, according to emails between Cruise’s lawyers and publicist…

Andrea Simpson |

Read Excerpts from Tom Cruise’s Deposition in His Defamation Lawsuit

Tom Cruise is on the defensive and is going full throttle with a $50 million defamation lawsuit he filed last year against the publisher of Life & Style and In Touch magazines, according to recently filed court docs obtained by Celebuzz.

The famous actor rarely opens up about his personal life, and…

Andrea Simpson |

Anne Hathaway Gives ‘Hathahaters’ More Reasons to Dislike Her

Anne Hathaway may have won the best in her category at the Academy Awards, but that has proven just not good enough when it comes to her less-than-adoring fans.

The straight-laced star has come under tremendous media scrutiny as of late, but not for the typical headline-making antics — she’s not rubbing foam

Andrea Simpson |

Beyonce’s Over-the-Top Rider Reveals Her Love of Grapefruit, Jif and Irish Spring

Beyonce is known as Queen Bey for a reason and she’s living up to her royal status.

In Touch got a hold of the songstress’s recent rider for a video shoot and it doesn’t fall short of diva demands, including the exact air temperature Mrs. Carter likes to breathe.

Andrea Simpson |

Kris Jenner’s Sister Won’t Shut Up About Her Parenting Skills

Kris Jenner’s sister is fuming mad that In Touch would have the audacity to blast across its front page that the Kardashian matriarch is a “monster mom.”

The only problem is… she gave the interview.

But she’s insisting the tabloid got it all wrong.

Andrea Simpson |

Get to Know Your Celebrity Blabbermouth: Karen Houghton

We don’t think Kris Jenner’s going to be very happy about this.

That’s because her little sis Karen Houghton is spilling a few too many family secrets — and no one’s off limits.

The 54-year-old part-time nurse who lives in San Diego. Calif. recently opened up to In Touch about her famous…

Andrea Simpson |

The Kardashians Form Unified Front In War Against The Tabloids!

The Kardashian ladies are ALL over the tabloids this week, if you haven’t already seen the covers. This week’s issues of Star and In Touch both have pretty scandalous “breaking stories” about Kim, Khloe, and Kourt’s relationships, and the girls are pissed, to say the least! Divorced, duped, and dumped?? We’re all for Triple D’s,…

Alex Blagg |

Jersey Shore Gets A Makeover: What Up With That?

Introducing the cast of Jersey Shore in their best attire, sipping tea (or tea-flavored vodka?) like the classy individuals they are in the latest issue of InTouch magazine. Pretty much everything about this photograph is amazing (especially Ronnie and Pauly D’s expressions), but let’s see what the gang has to say
The Situation, on…

Alex Blagg |

Truth or Tabloid?: Brad Pitt and Angelina Bring Frost To NY

The worm has turned once again for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as far as Tabloid Street is concerned. While this week’s Star and InTouch disagree on the big WHY, two of our finest say that Brangelina is pretty frayed. Let’s break them down!
INTOUCH’S MAIN CLAIM: Angelina’s brother James Haven has been brought…

Celebuzz |

Paris Hilton to Kim Kardashian: Sorry for the Butt Crack

Hey, Paris Hilton really does eat—crow. In the wake of look-at-me heiress’ on-air comments about Kim Kardashian’s tush, her words have come back to bite her in her own barely there keister. “I would not want [Kim’s butt]—it’s gross!” Paris told a Las Vegas radio show on April 14. “It reminds me of cottage cheese…

Celebuzz |