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Who Held Tom Cruise at Gunpoint?

Talk about a role reversal.

We’re used to seeing Tom Cruise play the action hero, not the victim. But in new photos taken of the set of the upcoming film All You Need Is Kill, Emily Blunt is spotted holding Cruise at gunpoint.

Captured while filming in London on Feb. 2,…

Rachel Levy |

Emma Stone Set for New Horror Movie; Bradley Cooper Leads a ‘Dark Invasion’

Emma Stone, scream queen? We’ll allow it. On Tuesday, the Gangster Squad actress was in talks to headline director Guillermo Del Toro’s new haunted house thriller, Crimson Peak. Story specifics are top secret, but we do know that the film is a gothic romance set at the turn of a century, which takes place in the titular house…

Phil Pirrello |

Weekend Movie Preview — Five Flicks in Five Clicks (PHOTOS)

If you’re anything like us, the first few weeks of the year are a tangle of renewed responsibilities, halfhearted resolutions and mostly, desperate need for more days off.

As such, it’s not just a welcome, but necessary distraction to find a movie (or two, or three) to occupy those hours not already claimed…

Todd Gilchrist |

Weekend Movie Preview — Five Flicks in Five Clicks (PHOTOS)

As the holiday season – and the year as a whole — reaches its final hurrah with New Year’s, theaters are bustling with new, highly-anticipated movie releases. From late-breaking blockbusters to Oscar bait to sleeper hits, there’s plenty to choose from.

And Five Flicks in Five Clicks is Celebuzz’ way of whittling down…

Todd Gilchrist |

Weekend Movie Preview — Five Flicks in Five Clicks (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

Between tentpole blockbusters, limited releases and film festivals, hundreds of movies are released every year, often a dozen at a time.

Friday almost invariably unleashes a whole new set of choices on moviegoers, who not only have to choose from these options, but remember what all of them are, while deflecting critical acclaim,…

Todd Gilchrist |

‘Jack Reacher’ Co-Star Rosamund Pike Says She and Tom Cruise Shared ‘Easy Chemistry’

“Tom and I had a very easy chemistry,” says British actress Rosamund Pike. The Tom in question is Mr. Cruise, with whom she stars in Jack Reacher, a taut thriller where she plays a defense attorney who spars with Cruise’s title character.

The pair do ignite plenty of sparks, but there is no…

Todd Gilchrist |

‘Jack Reacher’ vs. ‘The Hobbit’: Box Office Battle (POLL)

With The Hobbit sitting comfortably in the number one slot this weekend, four films are poised to compete for the box-office bucks necessary to knock it from the throne. All of which makes it unlikely that Gandalf and his crew won’t still be king of the Misty Mountain next weekend, too.

But if…

Todd Gilchrist |

Tom Cruise vs. ‘Jack Reacher’: How Similar Is the Movie Star and His Latest Character?

When Tom Cruise was first announced for the title character in Jack Reacher – novelist Lee Child’s iconic action-lit hero – those unfamiliar with the character likely just assumed that Tom Cruise would once again be playing the iconic role of Tom Cruise. Fans of the character and his nearly twenty best-selling adventures, however, quickly…

Celebuzz |

‘Jack Reacher’: What Are Critics Saying About Tom Cruise’s New Movie?

This time last year, Tom Cruise returned to theaters with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, which became one of 2011’s biggest hits, as well as the franchise’s highest grosser.

Now, Cruise and Paramount Pictures are hoping to find similar box office success with Jack Reacher. The thriller, based on author Lee Childs’ series of…

Phil Pirrello |