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WATCH: MTV’s ‘Ridiculousness’ Crew Demonstrates The Meaning Of ‘Bro-Trayal’

Rob Dyrdek laughs his way through viral videos of the unusual and crazy on MTV’s Ridiculousness, and this week he’s teaching us all an important lesson… in bro code.

We all know the hit show is about showing off gone wrong and in tonight’s episode bromance among the boys is put to the test.

By: Stephanie Baghai / August 15, 2013

TruTV’s ‘Killer Karaoke’ Host Steve-O Admits, ‘I Would Hate to Be a Contestant’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Jackass star Steve-O is feeling good these days. And he’s now spreading the joy of doing the grossest, most awe-inspiring stunts on his new gig hosting TruTV’s game show, Killer Karaoke.

“People sing karaoke while horrible things happen to them,” Steve-O describes the show when he visited Celebuzz’s Hollywood studio this week.

By: Jethro Nededog / November 23, 2012

Bam Margera Says Puppy Gun Prank Was ‘Bad Timing on My Part,’ Searching for Dog’s New Home (EXCLUSIVE)

Bam Margera is setting the record straight.

The former Jackass star recently landed himself in hot water after tweeting a photo of himself holding a fake gun to his puppy’s head with the message, “If she poops one more time, she goes bye bye.”

“It was bad timing on my part,”…

By: Crystal Bell / October 9, 2012

Bam Margera Tweets Photos of Him Holding a Fake Gun to Puppy’s Head, Blames His ‘Jackass’ Humor (PHOTOS)

Some things are better left un-tweeted.

Bam Margera shocked his more-than 800,000 Twitter followers when he posted a photo of him holding a fake gun to his puppy’s head, with a message that read if the dog made a mess in his bed again, “Penny goes Bye Byes.” Margera then tweeted a series of…

By: Crystal Bell / October 9, 2012

‘Jackass’ Guys Make Ryan Dunn Tribute Video

One things for certain, Ryan Dunn was loved. The production company Dickhouse that’s responsible for the Jackass movies released a tribute video to the late star that features some of his best moments caught on camera.

Dunn was a major part of the Jackass series, movies and also of the offshoot show Viva

By: / July 1, 2011

Remembering Ryan Dunn: ‘Jackass’ Star Pics (PHOTOS)

The entertainment world is still stunned from the news that Jackass star Ryan Dunn died in a car accident early Monday morning.

The bearded Dunn, who was 34, left a lewd and hysterical mark on Hollywood thanks to his time spent with the Jackass crew. Often the butt of Bam Margera and Johnny…

By: Mike Hess / June 20, 2011

‘Jackass’ Actor Ryan Dunn Killed in Fiery Car Crash

Ryan Dunn, the bearded and often-tortured star of the Jackass movies and TV series, was killed in a car accident overnight on Monday. He was 34 years old.

Local police have confirmed the death, which was initially reported by April and Phil Margera, parents of Dunn’s friend Bam, who called into a local radio…

By: Mike Hess / June 20, 2011

Did Bam Margera Get Roofied?

Bam Margera is having one terrible summer. First, he was attacked by a bat-weilding woman outside of a bar in June, and now the Jackass star may have had something slipped into his drink.
Margera made headlines earlier this week when he was ejected from New Zealand’s Auckland Airport and detained after showing u…

By: / August 12, 2010

The ‘Jackass 3-D’ Trailer Is Here! (VIDEO)

Ready for another round of gross-out hilarity from Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Wee Man and the rest of the Jackass crew? This time enhanced by 3-D technology? Then you’re in luck, because Jackass 3-D will be hitting theaters on October 15, and to give the world a taste of the greatness to come, Paramount Pictures ha…

By: / August 6, 2010

BUZZINGS: The Next ‘Jackass’ Movie Will Be in 3-D. It’s Like the Vomit’s Coming Right at You!

The third installment in the Jackass gross-out saga will be filmed in 3-D. Now you can actually feel like you’re inside Steve-O‘s colon! (Deadline Hollywood)
Tila Tequila is supposedly pregnant. For the second time this year. Apparently the constant need for attention is some kind of fertility drug. (PopEater)
Avatar dominates the…

By: Celebuzz / December 21, 2009

PHOTO GALLERY: Friends Stick By Kanye West

Not everyone is shunning Kanye West after his embarrassing display at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.
The 808s & Heartbreak rapper was spotted in Los Angeles on Tuesday, shooting hoops with some buddies.
Wonder if anyone interrupted his game to tell him that Kobe Bryant is better than him.

By: Celebuzz / September 16, 2009

Obama Calls Kanye West a “Jackass”

Uh-oh, Kanye West better watch out. He has just incurred the wrath of the Most Powerful Man in the World.
In an off-the-record comment that has naturally found its way onto the Internet, President Barack Obama weighed in on West’s super-rude interruption of Taylor Swift‘s acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards o…

By: Celebuzz / September 15, 2009

Bam Margera Hospitalized for Possible Overdose

Bam Margera didn’t have such a great weekend.
TMZ reports that the Jackass star was whisked away to the hospital on Sunday by paramedics who rushed to his West Chester, Pennsylvania, home after receiving a 911 call about a “possible overdose.”
Apparently, Bam didn’t learn much from his Jackass co-star Steve-O‘s experiences with

By: Celebuzz / July 20, 2009

Michelle Rodriguez Is a Fun Wedding Guest

Want to completely ruin liven up your wedding? Then make sure you put Michelle Rodriguez on your guest list.
The New York Post reports that the 30-year-old Fast and the Furious actress served as a bridesmaid at her best friend and manager Giancarlo Chersich‘s wedding, and really brought her A-game when it came to…

By: Celebuzz / April 21, 2009

Steve O

By: Celebuzz / February 4, 2009