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Kate Said Yes — And This High School Student Is STOKED

Jake Davidson is by far the luckiest high school student in the world: Kate Upton has said yes to his invitation to the prom.

“This is super exciting!” the Milken Community College senior, who posted a video on Youtube proclaiming his love for Upton, told Celebuzz.

“It was amazing to find…

Andrea Simpson / March 20, 2013

Note To Kate Upton: This Guy REALLY Wants To Date You

Youtube sensation Jake Davidson is upping the ante after famously asking Kate Upton to go to to the prom with him.

“To make this date special, I’m looking into a chauffeured 1964 Rolls Royce for the night,” the 19-year-old high school senior, who just shot to viral fame thanks to the video in which…

Andrea Simpson / March 20, 2013