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‘Life’ Trailer: Robert Pattinson’s Got a Camera and He Knows How to Use It

Friendship never looked so good…

Peggy Truong |

Justin Bieber Pays Homage to James Dean

In a move that came out of left field, Justin Bieber has begun using his Twitter to pay homage to the amazing entertainers that came before him.

And surprisingly enough, he picked legendary actor James Dean to begin with.

Jason Marshall |

For His Next Role, Robert Pattinson Will Play a Photographer in ‘Life’

Forget about all the 50 Shades of Grey casting news, let’s focus on Robert Pattinson’s next project.

The British actor will portray photographer Dennis Stock in the upcoming film Life, based on the real life story and friendship between Stock and James Dean, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Peggy Truong |

Brad Pitt Channels Bob Marley and Talks Family in Interview Magazine: ‘I Don’t Want to Embarrass Them’

Brad Pitt, 48, may be known for his dramatic and suspenseful roles, such as John Smith in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but underneath he’s just a big softie.

The Hollywood heartthrob — who has six children within the Pitt-Jolie clan — explained the importance of family and the image of his legacy in…

Rachel Levy |

Zac Efron Goes Greaser for Wonderland Magazine

Zac Efron has finally gotten that unruly mane of his under control—and it looks like all it took was half a gallon or so of hair gel.
Former High School Musical hunk Efron rocks a decidedly ’50s ‘do and a black leather jacket on the cover of the latest issue of Wonderland magazine, which…


Robert Pattinson Admits to Copping James Dean’s Style

If you’ve ever had the feeling that Robert Pattinson’s sex appeal seems a little familiar, there’s a reason.
The Twilight heartthrob admits in the latest issue of USA Weekend that he drew more than a little inspiration from tragic cinema icon James Dean—who perished in a car crash at the height of his fame…

Celebuzz |

Top 10 Actors Who Died Before Their Big Movie

Though it thankfully happens rarely, sometimes the cinema’s most beloved actors hit some unfortunate luck and are taken too soon.
Heath Ledger was the most recent star who passed away before fulfilling his prime. He was  unavailable to witness one of his greatest performances, the Joker in The Dark Knight
Kindly take a

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