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Dominic Purcell, James Woods Sign on for ‘Straw Dogs’ Remake

Alexander Skarsgard has just gotten some pretty good company for his next movie project.
Variety reports that Dominic Purcell, James Woods and Willa Holland have just joined Skarsgard in the cast of the upcoming remake of the 1971 Sam Peckinpah film Straw Dogs.
Also starring in the film are Kate Bosworth and X-Men’…

By: Celebuzz / August 18, 2009

Sharon Stone Finds The Ivy Is a Happy Cougar Den

Grande cougar Sharon Stone fed at the Ivy yesterday but was seen leaving without a young buck in her jaws.
Thankfully the Basic Instinct actress left her shirt on. Also absent was any of the Stone’s furs, which have gotten her in hot water with PETA.
Did Sharon have a lunch companion? She…

By: Celebuzz / September 18, 2008

Celebrities Hop on the Presidential Bandwagon

With one of the most important elections in our country’s history just around the corner, America’s favorite celebrities have made showing their support a #1 priority.
While most members of the Hollywood elite have always taken a Senator Barack Obama stance, a few remain firm Republicans, standing behind presidential hopeful John McCain.

By: Celebuzz / August 11, 2008

Sharon Stone and James Woods: Lunch Buddies

Outspoken PETA target Sharon Stone dined with her old pimp and another woman at Clafoutis on Sunset Boulevard in L.A.
Oh, wait… that’s actually James Woods, who only played her pimp in Casino.
Sharon and James shot the breeze over lunch, perhaps discussing their mutual penchant for romancing young blood. Surely they weren’t…

By: Celebuzz / July 30, 2008

James Woods and Danielle Panabaker’s Head Game

Onetime Shark co-stars James Woods and Danielle Panabaker had a literal meeting of the minds for lunch at L.A.’s Cafe Med in the Sunset Plaza; he’s a member of Mensa International and she graduated high school when she was 14.
And don’t think they slipped away from the date before the paparazzi caught them…

By: Celebuzz / July 18, 2008