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Bow Down (Basic) Bitches, Lauren Conrad’s First Wedding Photo is Here

She walked down the aisle last week, and now there’s proof: Lauren Conrad is absolutely beaming in her first wedding photo released by Us Weekly. Wearing her signature cat eye and a couture gown, the reality star turned fashion designer flashes a smile that says, “Who’s basic now, bitchez??
By: Mindy Lee / September 17, 2014

Here’s Everything the Cast of ‘The Hills’ Did This Weekend In Case You Were Wondering

Two engagements, a wedding and Jen Bunney. It was a busy weekend for the former cast-members of The Hills. Here is a quick round-up.
By: Robert Kessler / October 14, 2013

‘Laguna Beach’ Alum Jason Wahler Marries Ashley Slack

After d*cking Jessica around, then dating Alex because she popped out of a box to ask him to a dance, then dating and d*cking Lauren Conrad around, Jason Wahler has found peace and happiness and love and all that comes with marital bliss.
By: Kelly Lynch / October 13, 2013

Jason Wahler: Sober, Sexy & Humbled by Recovery

As a "bad boy" on The Hills, Jason Wahler got a reputation for breaking hearts and starting fights. His behavior also landed him in trouble with the law and saw him through several trips to rehab.  Although some counted him out, Jason has turned his life around to become sober. Congrats, Jason! Sober is definitely…
By: Wes Ferguson / August 6, 2011

Jason Wahler, Janice Dickinson Join ‘Celebrity Rehab 4′ Cast

Lindsay Lohan might not be participating, but rest assured: When Dr. Drew Pinsky hangs out his shingle once again for the fourth season of Celebrity Rehab, an entertaining time for all is virtually guaranteed. VH1 has revealed the participants for its latest round of detox at the Pasadena Recovery Center, and its quite…
By: / July 19, 2010

Jason Wahler Jailed After Hitting on a Lady

Apparently Jason Wahler has been taking charm-school lessons from Joe Francis. The Laguna Beach and The Hills personality, who's had numerous scrapes with the law, once again found himself in custody this weekend after allegedly hitting a woman at a Hollywood party. The rumored Celebrity Rehab participant, already the recipient of…
By: Celebuzz / June 7, 2010

Jason Wahler Reportedly Checking Into ‘Celebrity Rehab’

If the rumors of the casting for the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab are anything to go by, it looks like the people behind the show should just cast whoever starred in a MTV reality show during the mid-2000s. Jason Wahler is reportedly closing a deal with the Rehab producers to star in the…
By: Celebuzz / May 27, 2010

Jason Wahler Says Unicorns Are More Real Than His Sex Tape

All these numbnuts on The Hills are working overtime to promote the newest season of the show by publicly airing any and all grievances against one another no matter how historical. The source of the rift between Heidi Montag and former roommate Lauren Conrad stems in some part from…
By: Celebuzz / May 8, 2008

Heidi Montag Slept with Enough People to Do ‘Letterman’

The Hills' designated pariah Heidi Montag somehow slunk onto David Letterman's show. No one is quite sure how she managed to hustle Letterman producers into thinking she was someone of importance; God forbid the feat involved a top lifting or free pairs of Heidiwood formal shorts.On the…
By: Celebuzz / May 1, 2008

Hey, Trouble; L.C. Wants to Get with You

Wanna climb Lauren Conrad's hills? Well, no guy's gonna get there by being a gentleman. Speaking from the White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington, D.C. over the weekend, the Hills hottie told People, "Nice guys are great to take home to your parents, but you want a guy that…
By: Celebuzz / April 28, 2008

Lauren Conrad Walks Softly but Carries a Big Stick for the NHL

In a move best filed under WTF, Lauren Conrad has signed on with the National Hockey League's second annual celebrity outreach, to pen a blog showing her excitement for the game during the 2008 Stanley Cup Playoff season.Other T-town players giving an assist to the NHL include Dave Annable,…
By: Celebuzz / April 9, 2008