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NEW VIDEO: Justin Bieber Explains Why It’s Hard to Be Biebs

Justin Bieber wants us all to know that it’s tough being a rich and famous pop star. The troubled teen idol couldn’t hold back his contempt for being forced to answer questions in a deposition. In fact, he says it’s downright unfair. What’s unfair? That he has to participate in a legal process every person,…
By: Andrea Simpson / March 11, 2014

NEW VIDEOS: Justin Bieber Shows His Complete Disdain for the U.S. Legal System

Somehow in the middle of touring the world, getting arrested, and generally just pissing off most of America, Canadian citizen Justin Bieber got his law degree in the United States. And with only a high school diploma under his belt, that’s a pretty…
By: Andrea Simpson / March 10, 2014