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Jessica Lowndes & Jessica Stroup Film ‘90210’ Concert Scene

By: Wes Ferguson / August 30, 2011

Jessica Stroup In a Bikini On Set of ‘90210’

By: Antonio Martinez / January 20, 2011

Jessica Stroup is showing her true stripes—and we love it!
The 90210 beauty was spotted on the Los Angeles set of her series on Wednesday, flaunting her body in a striped bikini.
Get thee to the photo gallery to witness Stroup enjoying Ultra-Casual Dress Day at work. More »

The Girls of 90210

By: tracimac / April 1, 2009

Top 10 Svelte Stars

By: Regan Stephens / January 9, 2009

As the years whiz by, paparazzi throngs have thickened, celebrity paychecks have multiplied, and the weights of A-list stars have dropped dramatically.

That’s the way of the biz these days; the skinnier you are, the more gigs you land. It’s sad but true.

These celebs have certainly succumbed to the pressure… More »