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Josh Peck and Paige O’Brien Are Engaged

Big congratulations are in order for the former Drake and Josh star!

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And Now, Here Are Your Nominees for the 2015 Teen Choice Awards

The final announcement for the 2015 Teen Choice Awards has been made, as well as the hosts for this year’s show: Ludacris, Gina Rodriguez and Josh Peck.

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Simon Cowell Leads the Week in Celebrity Tweets

Hakuna Matata, y’all. …

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Here’s the Mini ‘Drake & Josh’ Reunion You’ve All Been Waiting For

Amidst the Drake Bell’s bankruptcy news, it’s nice to know that the former Nickelodeon actor’s co-star — Josh Peck of Drake & Josh fame — is there looking out for his onscreen brother, delivering us some nostalgic comic relief during this time of need.

In an Instagram video uploaded by Peck this week,…

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Is BATTLE OF THE YEAR the Next Big Dance Movie?

“Battle of the Year” comes out September 20th, (Trembling. With. Excitement.) and we’re pretty sure it’s poised to be the next great dance movie. Don’t believe us? Well we can prove it. With scientific facts!

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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The Secrets of Your Fave Nickelodeon Stars

Back in the old days of showbiz, stars of children’s entertainment vanished without a trace.  Now however, Nickelodeon turns out more big stars than American Idol (Fact: Nobody really knows what happened to Sanjaya) though not everyone STAYS a star.

Here are some of our favorites from when we were kids, and where…

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In The Studio With Josh Peck

Hello Celebuzzers!

So, you know how we’re kind of obsessed with Josh Peck these days, right? 

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Josh Peck Plays Coach In New Movie, Can’t Stop Coaching. Even Off Set…

Happy Tuesday!

So, remember Drake & Josh?  Of course you do. Well, Josh Peck, of adorable Drake & Josh fame, is now a grown ass man, starring as a breakdancing coach in Battle of the Year (coming out September 20th) and he is ridiculously funny and, dare we say, pretty dreamy.

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Battle Of The Child Actors Turned Heartthrob

There are two types of child-stars: The first are the type who grow up weird-looking, drop off the radar, have their parents steal their money and descend into drugs and madness. The second are the type who are totally, insanely gorgeous.

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‘Red Dawn’: Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson Rally Against the Red Scare (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Could the United States ever be invaded by enemy forces? This is the scenario that plays out in Red Dawn, a remake of the 1984 film of the same name.

In a new clip exclusive to Celebuzz, Chris Hemsworth explains what’s at stake in the new thriller, which also stars Josh Hutcherson, Adrianne

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‘Red Dawn’: Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson Can’t Save This Bloody Awful Remake (MOVIE REVIEW)

There aren’t many occasions when I think a movie literally shouldn’t have ever been made, but the release – or more specifically, the end result – of Red Dawn marks an important one.

No matter what one thinks of remakes, even some of the most egregiously offensive ones (Psycho, A Nightmare on Elm

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