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Ryan Seacrest and Show Veterans React to ‘American Idol’ Cancellation

Fox announced that season 15 of American Idol will be the final installation of the iconic singing competition. Friends and family of Idol chimed in on social media and beyond in reaction to the unfortunate news.

Mia Lardiere / May 11, 2015

Kelly Clarkson Cried When She Found Out She Had to Be in ‘From Justin to Kelly’

'From Justin to Kelly' Romance

Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini were dating in real life during 'From Justin to Kelly' filming.


Kelly Clarkson Not Wanted

Gabrielle Chung / February 26, 2015

‘From Justin to Kelly’ Was Actually Real

My 13-year-old self is currently squealing with excitement.

After playing coy for many years, Justin Guarini finally confirmed he was romantically involved with American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson.  According to Mccall.com, Guarini shared the news during the debut of his one-man show “Lovesick” last Friday.

Kendall Fisher / February 21, 2014

Justin Guarini Spurs ‘American Idol’ Lip-Synch Scandal!

Never mind AIG—the real scandal of the day comes courtesy of AI.
The New York Times reports that American Idol producers admit—sort of, and reluctantly—that some of the group numbers on American Idol are aided by pre-recorded vocal tracks.
The semi-confession came after American Idol Season One contestant Justin Guarini—who currently co-hosts the TV Guide…

Betsy Waldman / March 27, 2009

‘American Idol’: David Won

The older, way more arrogant David is our new American Idol. David Cook won Idol last night, in a show that garnered the highest amount of viewers voting to date. This year, the show received 97.5 million votes cast compared with last year’s 23 million. Cook won with 56 to 44 percent of the vote,…

Celebuzz / May 22, 2008