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‘Katie’ Has Been Canceled

Unsurprising as it is, Katie Couric and Disney-ABC has officially announced that Katie’s second season will be its last. In the statement, the two insist that the decision to cancel the show was “mutual.” Though she won’t be on television anymore, Couric still has her job at Yahoo! as a “global news anchor.”…

Robert Kessler / December 19, 2013

Dianna Agron Remembers Cory Monteith on ‘Katie’: ‘It’s One Of Those Things That Still Doesn’t Seem Real’

Cory Monteith’s death is still very raw for his Glee family, including Dianna Agron.

On Friday, Agron joined her co-stars Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro from The Family on Katie, when the conversation briefly focused on the late actor.

Peggy Truong / September 13, 2013

The Lying Game: Manti Te’o Admits to ‘Sticking to the Script’ About Fake Girlfriend (VIDEO)

In the midst of the nation’s continuing fascination with his bizarre saga, Manti Te’o is finally speaking out.

Making his first on-camera appearance since the scandal broke, the former Notre Dame linebacker revealed his side of the story to Katie Couric during an extensive interview on her talk show, Katie, set to air…

Laura Franco / January 23, 2013

Happy Birthday, Katie Couric! The Newswoman’s Career Evolution in 7 Clicks

Katie Couric hasn’t always been America’s sweetheart.

Long before the newswoman graced the small screen in living rooms across the nation, Couric was a young aspiring journalist. Born the daughter of a newspaperman in Arlington, Virginia, she first got her foot in the door as a desk assistant at ABC.


Cory Lopez / January 7, 2013

‘Modern Family’ Kids Get Raises; ‘American Idol’ Producer Rebooting ‘Fame’

Now that the adults on Modern Family are getting their pay, it’s time for their fictional offsprings to as well! Reports indicate Rico Rodriguez, Nolan Gould, Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter’s salaries will be triple their current paychecks going up to around $70,000 an episode as they are finalizing their deals with 20th Century Fox.

Lauren DiMascio / August 28, 2012